Turning Dreams into Reality

How often do you step back and assess your life? I’m not talking about comparing your life to that of friends, family or peers. I mean truly looking at who you have become. Is it what you expected? Are the things you deem most important front and center? Even more important, are you happy? I’ve spent much […]

Here and There

[source] It’s been a hectic week, hasn’t it? Tyler and I have had a lot going on and several big decisions to make, so I’m sure glad the weekend is here. Amidst the crazy, I found several interesting articles and links across the web that I thought all of you might enjoy, so grab a […]

Here and There

[source] Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a nice start to the month of March. This rainy/snowy/cloudy weather sure puts a damper on things, but I’m trying to stay positive. The latest weather predictions are calling for the midwest to have “much warmer” than average temperatures for the next three months, so let’s just focus on […]

Here and There

Thank you so much for all of your kind words as I celebrated my 27th birthday yesterday! I’m headed off to the west coast today to kick off this year right. Sunshine and 85 degrees is calling my name. 🙂 In case you’re looking for some inspiration or weekend reading material, I’ve included a few links below. […]

Celebrating 27!

Today is the day. I’m officially 27 years old. 27! This one feels oddly symbolic and like no other birthday I’ve experienced yet. My mind is in flux between “I’m already 27?” and “I’m only 27?”. I have spent some time over the past few days thinking back on my previous birthdays and wondering what makes 27 […]

Here and There

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Tyler and I have been busy working on a number of projects around the house. It sort of feels like we’ve been spinning our wheels on a few of them, but I’m hopeful we’ll have something to show here on the blog soon! In the meantime, […]

Ask Yourself Three Whys

The opposite of work is idleness. But very few of us know what to do with idleness. When you look at the way we distribute our lives in general, you realize that in the periods in which we have a lot of money, we have very little time. And then when we finally have time, we have neither the money […]