Week 25: Millwork Continues

The house is looking more and more like home each week, don’t you think?? A home we dreamed up from start to finish. How crazy is that?! I still get the feeling we’ve been doing all of this work for a client or something… I can’t imagine this place actually being ours, but I’ll take it. 🙂 It’s getting harder and harder to leave each weekend.

This week was filled with more millwork – island installation, window and door trim, base boards, etc. This kind of work is extremely detailed, so it takes much longer to complete than some of the other projects to-date. The projects yet to be completed include the installation of some shiplap, finalization of baseboards, a bit more window and door trim, a custom vent hood in the kitchen, all of the stair work (treads, risers, etc.), and a few more odds and ends. We have our fingers crossed everything will be completed by the end of next week so that painting can begin the following week.

All of the trim will be painted Dunn Edwards “White” in semi-gloss. It’s amazing how much more finished the house is starting to feel with the trim going up. It’s these sort of details that really take it to the next level.

As I mentioned several weeks ago, we had to install our wood floors early in the home building process because we didn’t want to use shoe moulding – aka the round stuff you see along most base trim. Instead, we wanted to have a really clean trim at the floor so our hardwood was installed first and now are trim fits seamlessly over the top. No need for a shoe to cover up the imperfections. I love the look, but it’s a little nerve racking to think that so much work is happening on top of our brand new floors.

Tyler and I were also hard at work this weekend. We made the drive down to IKEA on Saturday morning to pick up our master bedroom closet system as well as a few organizational items for the kitchen. IKEA trips always seem to turn into all-day affairs, but we were able to pick up what we need which was great news. We hauled everything to the house today and proceeded to carry it all upstairs, assemble and install. On the bright side, we got everything in and it looks awesome. On the dark side, we’re really tired! Ha. 🙂

It’s kind of tough to get a sense for the size of the closet, but it actually feels quite large given the narrow footprint we are working with. I think we maximized our space and will have ample room for all of our stuff. We’re still working on the organizational aspect and have yet to install the few shelves, rods and drawers we purchased. We will likely need to make another trip to IKEA to pick up some additional pieces down the road, but we wanted to keep things super simple at first to ensure we get exactly what we need.

It sure takes some time and effort to get the IKEA systems from point A to point B, but I have nothing but positive reviews when it comes to quality and customization.

One of the other items we checked off the list this week included the installation of the garage doors. We chose a simple flat panel door in white. We wanted something that would seamlessly fit in with the rest of the house, and these look great. Once the house is painted and the outdoor lights are installed, I think these doors will help highlight the understated beauty of the home!

Believe it or not, we have actually set a tentative move-in date. Easter weekend, here we come!! I sure hope I’m not jinxing us by saying it out loud, but we feel pretty confident that things will be ready by then. I suppose the countdown is on… 6 weeks, people, 6 weeks!

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4 thoughts on “Week 25: Millwork Continues

  1. Omg! Love it!! You are doing exactly what I want to do-no shoe on base. Did your contractor act like this was a big deal because mine is! So frustrating! They said we would need to scribe all the base or it would show gaps. Also, they are saying it wil cost more and they have to change the whole order (paint first). Would you mind sharing your process, anything special you had to do?

    1. Hi Brooke! I don’t believe it cost us anymore to do no shoe baseboards, but we did have to have our flooring installed first. From a timing perspective, you may need to move a few things around to accommodate the change. I was a little nervous about having the flooring in before a lot of the other heavy construction items were done (fear of damage), but they covered all of the floors with really heavy cardboard and we had zero issues. All interior paint was done after the floors and trim were installed. Nothing special or custom had to be done – just install floors first and then trim and finally paint. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for your response! It is helpful! Another couple questions – did you use MDF for the base and do you have any gaps since you didn’t scribe the base to the floor?


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