The Heart of the Home

Perfect? Don’t be fooled. We’re still sleeping on a mattress on the floor of our master bedroom. Tyler has only been thiissss close to wiping out about 10 times thanks to the fact that the rug under the mattress has no rug pad and basically acts like a giant surfboard. 🙂 It’s pretty comical until […]

The Modern Farmhouse

Hi everyone! Remember that new house we’ve been working so hard to build? I’m happy to report that construction has come to a close and we have moved in. I sure thought I would be posting these photos around Easter, but I guess a little after Memorial Day was in the plans… Life is full […]

Week 30: Nearing the Finish Line

I can hardly put in to words the excitement we’re feeling over our new home. HOME! There are so many thoughts and feelings that revolve around such a simple word, and there is no place like it. Some people love to travel, myself included, but at the end of the day, my favorite place in the […]

Week 29: It’s All in the Details

Countertops, sinks, lights, running water, the list goes on and on. It was one heck of a week at the house, so let’s just jump right in to the details! Tyler and I stopped by the house on Wednesday evening and were greeted with a wonderful sight… white paint on the exterior! This is just […]

Week 28: We’re Getting Close!

Three weeks until move in. THREE. WEEKS. Eek! There is still a lot to accomplish, but the house is really starting to take shape. This next week is going to be crazy busy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 🙂 Over the past week a whole lot of interior painting was on the agenda. You […]

Week 27: Stairs, Drawers and Paint

The countdown is on… four weeks until move-in! Just under four weeks actually, but you get the idea. We are feeling really good about the state of everything, especially after all of the progress this week. The major checklist item? THE STAIRS. These things have been getting some serious love over the last few weeks. […]

Week 26: Millwork Finalization

If you like dust, dust, and then a little more dust, our house is the perfect place for you right now. I’ve been sneezing like crazy all day and was covered from head to toe in white by the time we left this evening, but I really shouldn’t be complaining… the house is looking great! […]

Week 25: Millwork Continues

The house is looking more and more like home each week, don’t you think?? A home we dreamed up from start to finish. How crazy is that?! I still get the feeling we’ve been doing all of this work for a client or something… I can’t imagine this place actually being ours, but I’ll take it. […]

Week 23 & 24: Millwork Begins

Tyler and I are back from California, and it is time for a house update! Progress continued in our absence, but don’t worry, the house isn’t finished or anything. 🙂 We actually had to wait well over a week before the millwork team could get started, but I do have a few things to share… […]