Bedroom Makeover // Homecrest Chairs


Hi Everyone! Happy Monday. :) If you're visiting the blog this week in hopes of checking out new leather drawer pulls for our MALM Dresser Makeover, I'm here to bust your bubble and say that's just not going to happen. You know how some projects seem SO easy in theory but turn into a real brain teaser? Yeah - we've got that going on right about now. BUT! Have no fear. The bedroom makeover is still underway, and I have some other exciting projects to share instead. So let's jump right on in!

Have you ever heard of a Homecrest chair? The Homecrest brand was founded in 1953 and is an outdoor patio furniture company located in Minnesota. Bottemiller's swivel rocker mechanism, patented in 1956, was at the foundation of the Homecrest outdoor patio furniture line, which took off in the 1960s as Americans increasingly enjoyed backyard dining, entertaining and recreation.


So why am I talking about outdoor furniture you may ask? WELL. Let me tell you what. GREATEST. CRAIGSLIST. FIND. EVER.

I check out Craigslist on a weekly (if not daily) basis - you just never know what may pop up! I was randomly scrolling through some listings a few weekends ago and stumbled upon an AWESOME collection of mid-century furniture for sale. I love the clean lines of furniture from the 50s and 60s, so I started to scope it out in a bit more detail. I had been wanting a chair for our bedroom and what do you know, these AWESOME chairs just popped up and begged to be given a little love. I nearly jumped off the couch I was so excited! I showed Tyler and instantly got the "seriously?" look. Oh yes. I loved them.

Sure, they may be made for outdoor use, but lord knows that's never stopped me before. I sent a text message to the seller the next morning and officially had two chairs in hand by noon! It was fate. The seller actually had a TON of this patio furniture out on his deck, but he was only selling two pieces. Lucky for me, he was super nice and I sweet talked him down to - you may want to sit down for this..... $50. FOR BOTH CHAIRS. Yes, that's right. AMAZING!

Now don't get me wrong, these things were not in pristine condition by any means. They had been sitting outside all year round, after all.  I was working with this:





After some serious time sanding, rubbing with steel wool (I went through an entire package!), and washing, we were ready for some paint. Oh! By the way. Krylon spray paint. BEST PAINT EVER! I had heard other bloggers mention this stuff before, but I just figured spray paint was spray paint. Oh no. This stuff is AMAZING! The finish is drip free and the paint dries in just minutes. A single can seemed to cover a whole lot more area, too.  It's a little tricky to find, though. Ace Hardware stores carry it as well as Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Do yourself a favor and convert! You'll thank me later. :)





And I'm happy to report, the final result is absolutely perfect. I LOVE my chairs. The black just makes them look so sleek, doesn't it? This whole bedroom makeover is really coming together!






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