Be brave with your life


 In the grand scheme of things, a lifetime is a pretty short measure of time, isn't it? My Mom once shared with me a life lesson that a friend shared with her - In 100 years, no one will even know we were here. My initial reaction was one of disbelief. 100 years? Surely there are a lot of people that will still know me! Lets see... I'll be... 125.  Wow. That's really old! Even if I have children in the next 5 years, that would put them around the 95 age range. Would they still be living? What about their children? They may be in their 60s but likely not thinking of me too often. And their children? Yeah, they're definitely not concerned with their great great grandmother.

Even when I think back on my own relatives, I may know the names of my great grandparents, but I've never met them or know anything specific about their lives. I definitely don't have any recollection of my great great grandparents.  I've asked my parents about them a few times, but I'm not even sure I can recall their names - let alone what they were like.

What is that saying.... the days are long but the years are short? Sometimes I just need to step back and remind myself that I have just one lifetime to live. If not now, when?

b e   b r a v e   w i t h   y o u r   l i f e