Cheers to Forever!


October 12, 2013. Do you remember where you were? What you were doing?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful fall day - a Saturday, actually. The sun was shining and the leaves had just begun to turn the most brilliant shade of orange, red and yellow. The smell of harvest was in the air. It may very well be my most memorable day of 2013, yet it's a day that feels like a complete blur.

At approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, I remember standing in the shade of my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful backyard and looking out to find my closest family and friends gathered on bails of hay, laughing and smiling. As the music began to play, I was surprised to feel a sense of calm wash over me - not the stomach of butterflies I fully expected. I stepped out into the gorgeous sunshine with my Dad, and walked down the aisle to vow my love in front of those that mattered most.


This Sunday will mark 365 days since that memorable day, and I have no idea how time has passed so quickly. I do know, however, that after just one year of marriage and nearly ten years together, I am honored to spend forever with my best friend, husband, and love of my life.

h a p p y   3 6 5    &   c h e e r s   t o   f o r e v e r !