Conscious Consumption



Conscious consumption is a social movement based upon an increased awareness of the impact our purchasing decisions have on the environment, our health, and our life as a whole. Terms such as simple, whole, green, fresh, organic, clean, natural, sustainable, minimal, and quality may come to mind. It is the re-evaluation of work-life balance in order to spend more of our time and money on the things that matter.

Think of it this way... as we work less, there is more time for connecting with family and friends, volunteerism, hobbies, and community service. As we spend more of our time on these activities, we inherently spend less money. It's a cyclical movement that forces us to ask, “Is this item made in line with my values? Am I supporting the local economy? Are the people who produce this item treated and compensated fairly? Is this item built to last?” As a result of these questions, conscious consumers find themselves supporting organic agriculture, fair-trade and sweat-shop free products, and local and independent businesses.


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Tyler and I have made a great effort to simplify our lives and fill it with items that promote conscious consumerism. We want to ensure the items we're putting IN our bodies as well as ON our bodies are safe, sustainable and long-lasting. Supporting brands that do the same is essential.

Over the last few months, I have been compiling a list of brands that live and breath conscious consumerism. I have created a page on the blog dedicated to such brands called DISCOVER. I plan to update the list periodically, so please click over using the link on the home page for the most up-to-date version!


Amour Vert


Brass Clothing


Elizabeth Suzann


Immogene + Willie



Raleigh Denim Workshop


Taylor Stitch



Aster + Bay

Earth Tu Face

Herbivore Botanicals

S. W. Basics

Uusa Major


The Citizenry

Kauffman Mercantile

Mur Lifestyle

Rose & Fitzgerald

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