Garden Update


Since the DIY Vegetable Garden Cage post, Tyler and I have been diligently tending to our garden. I'm happy to report that (knock on wood) we haven't had any pests make their way into our cages! Hopefully I'll be saying the same thing in another month, but so far so good. :)

We decided to keep things simple this year with just spinach, beets, peppers and tomatoes, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how well everything is coming along. We've actually picked TONS of spinach twice, and it just keeps flourishing. We've even been throwing a few beet greens into our nightly salad, too. In just over a month, I'd say we've made great progess...




I look forward to tending to the garden each night when I get home from work. It is so nice to know exactly where your food is coming from and what went into it during it's growth. Maybe a small farm is in our future after all!


On a side note, we hung some string lights in the backyard! I've been talking about doing so ever since we moved in, but we finally got around to it just before Memorial Day weekend. I found a great deal at World Market and had a coupon, so it ended up being fairly inexpensive. It looks like the lights are on sale right now, so you may want to take a look if you're in the market!


Tyler even tested his electrical skills by installing an outdoor outlet in the garage to supply power. Outdoor dining, here we come!