Here and There

Pretzel Dogs

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Tyler and I have been busy working on a number of projects around the house. It sort of feels like we've been spinning our wheels on a few of them, but I'm hopeful we'll have something to show here on the blog soon!

In the meantime, I've been doing a lot of reading, self study and cooking as of late. I've found several winners, so I wanted to pass along the knowledge to all of you!

  • Made these Pretzel Dogs over the weekend. WINNER! The recipe was a bit time consuming, but the end result was delicious. Such a fun option for a get together with friends. The pretzel crust really tastes like a big soft pretzel. Tyler was in heaven. :)
  • Just finished reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Interesting read about living a creative life beyond fear. It is a great book for anyone looking to explore their creativity in new ways - no matter what you do for a living.



  • Tyler and I love Indian food, but we usually only eat it when we're in San Francisco because nothing else seems to taste quite right. I found this Slow Cooker Chicken Saag recipe over the weekend and decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly good! I omitted the chicken and added garbanzo beans instead, but it was great!

Chicken Saag

  • I love learning new skills, so I was really excited to find the website Skillshare. So far I've taken five classes - Getting Started with Wine, Digitizing Type without Losing Texture, Use Your Mac like a Pro, Fundamentals of Product Management, and Make the Most of Instagram. As you can see, the site offers classes of all kinds! It's a great way to brush up on a skill you already have or even learn something brand new.


  • Another recipe find... Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup. I whipped up a batch last week and divided it amongst several Ball jars. It's been great to have soup on hand for lunch.


  • Tyler introduced me to a new to me coffee roaster right here in Indianapolis - Blue Mind Roasting. We found a bag at our local Safeway on Saturday and have really enjoyed our first few cups! It's great to see some local roasters popping up in town - especially when they're right in our backyard.

Blue Mind Roasting Blue Mind Roasting

What about all of you? Any great finds lately??