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TOP ROW:  Sack Dress | Double Bar Earring | Maxi Dress | Romper | Denim Shorts

BOTTOM ROW:  iPad Case | Linen Shorts | Tote Bag | Necklace | Dress

I'm always on the search for products and services with a "Three R's" frame of mind - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There is SO MUCH WASTE in this world, so those willing to put the time and effort into creating something out of that waste, I'm all in. I recently stumbled upon a line within Urban Outfitters called Urban Renewal. The Urban Renewal team takes vintage pieces and makes them modern. The pieces are handcrafted in Philadelphia and have a great vintage/bohemian/modern-vibe.

I ordered a few pieces last night, so I'll follow up later in the week on quality and fit. Do you know of any other products/services with a renewable business model? Please share!