Mr. Staghorn


Tyler and I have flown out to San Francisco / Oakland for the past three years in a row. It's always a highly anticipated trip because we find the COOLEST stuff out there. Oh, and we get to visit my sisters. I guess they're kind of cool, too.  :)

During our visit this past May, my sisters took us to an awesome gardening center called Flora Grubb. If you're ever in the area, I would highly recommend it! I've never seen so many succulents and aeriums in my life - probably because we live in Indiana and I doubt any of those plants would like -20 degree weather too much. I have no idea why. Anyway, while we were gawking at all of the awesome plants, this wall of hanging ferns really caught my eye. My sister, Emily, actually has one of these things hanging in her dining room. As soon as I saw some of the smaller ones on the wall, I knew I was going to have to figure out a way to get it back to Indiana.

Staghorn Fern

The leaves on these things are pretty sturdy, but we knew we couldn't put too much force on the root system or everything would just snap. We threw together some tissue paper and shopping bags to create a nice little "nest" and hoped for the best. Our packaging job definitely wasn't the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but airport security didn't say a word and we were able to get Mr. Staghorn all the way back to Indiana! It's now September and he is as healthy as a horse. I soak him in the kitchen sink about once a week and that seems to be doing the trick. I have my fingers crossed he'll grow to like Indiana winters! Isn't he cool?!


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