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I spent much of this week at a corporate training for work. During one of the sessions, the focus was on process improvement. As an industrial engineer, process improvement is in my blood. It's all about removing waste to produce more for less. All of which sounds great in theory, right? Heck, I spent four years learning about the methodology for heavens sake. I, too, believed in the value of reducing waste. But during this particular training, it hit me... all of this "process improvement" society is focused on, is it for the better? Is it REALLY improving our lives in the long run?

Yes. Improving processes to reduce waste and increase efficiency is important. I agree. Especially when that waste is polluting the earth or harming our bodies. Reducing waste to simply create more widgets, however, is not. Why are we spending so much time "improving" processes that ultimately result is more issues? What's wrong with creating a few really nice products? No, I don't want 30 knifes for $19.99. I want one great knife for whatever the price it costs to make it. Better yet - I want a knife that was diligently made by hand and that hand then reaps the benefits of my purchase. No, I don't want to give my money to some big box company that only gives a few cents on the dollar to a slave laborer in China.

Is such a change going to happen over night? Of course not. Is the change possible? I hope so. I'm encouraged by the number of companies popping up each day trying to compete with the well oiled big box machines. Keep up the good work! I will continue to give my hard earned dollars to you and fill my home with items that bring me joy. Here are a few of the companies that not only believe in fewer, better products, but also  believe in conscious, sustainable, and ethical practices. My Simply Simple endorsed.


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Taylor Stitch

S.W. Basics

Rose & Fitzgerald

I have also created a separate page on the site called DISCOVER where you can access this list as well as other brands I find in the days to come!