The Gre(y)t Sweater Debate | Final Decision



1. The Cashmere Crew by Everlane  |  2. .06 Heather Light Grey Lightweight Alpaca Sweater by Zady  |  3. Wool Cashmere Crewneck Sweater by Cuyana  |  4. The Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck by Everlane  |  5. .01 The Sweater – Light Grey by Zady

If you're anything like my husband, you may be wondering, so which sweater did you choose?! I think he's just sick of seeing so many grey sweaters laying in our bedroom, but regardless, I have finally made up my mind. Thank you to everyone that provided feedback over the last few days. I took it all into consideration and ultimately landed on...


Sweater: The Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck  |  Denim: Toothpick Cone Denim by J.Crew   | Boots: Petty in Saddle Leather by Sam Edelman

The Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck by Everlane! Based on quality, fit, color, and price, this sweater simply couldn't be beat. I must say, however, that I was quite surprised how much I really did like all five options. If you're in the market, I would highly recommend any of them.  I very well may re-order one or two  in a different color... Let's not tell Tyler. :)

Happy Wednesday!