That time I found a stump on the street corner...


Tyler and I were on our evening walk a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a stump sitting on a street corner by the gas station. Yes, a stump. Random,  right? I did the awkward stare/gawk thing as we passed by and gave Tyler the "look". Hmmmmmm.... I wonder where that thing came from? Oddly enough, there was a man standing right beside the stump and he had a cup sitting on top of it. I assumed it was his stump or something. Seems like an odd thing to be hauling around, but who am I to judge?

The stump was sitting pretty close to our turn around spot, so I decided to walk reeeaaaaalllllly slowly past to give this thing a good looksy on our way back home. It was SO COOL! The color, the size, the shape. Ah! Where did that guy find that thing?! I was jealous. Tyler thought I was crazy - as usual.

Well the next night we're out walking again and guess what. That freaking stump was STILL sitting on the street corner!  This time, though? No man with a cup. No one around anywhere. I nearly jumped for joy. We debated the entire way home whether or not to go pick it up. I didn't really have any plans for the thing, I just liked it. Isn't that enough sometimes?? Plus, the next day was trash day, so I knew if I didn't get it now it would be gone forever.

After all of the convincing I could muster, Tyler finally agreed that we could bring the stump home. YES! We grabbed the keys to my car and headed off - we had to hurry before anyone else tried to snag MY stump after all! We decided Tyler would be the muscle and I would be the getaway driver. Genius.

Now please keep in mind this thing is sitting on a corner by our local gas station. There are literally people pumping gas as we pull up, pop the hatch, and Tyler attempts to wrangle the thing into the back of my SUV. It must have been quite the sight! Oh, and that thing was NOT light. It didn't look so big just sitting on the corner, but it was one hefty guy. None the less, Tyler got the thing into my car and we made it home without having to fight off any other takers. I'm sure it was close, though.

So you may be wondering, what in the world am I going to do with a stump? Well have you seen all of the stumps for sale these days? I'm serious. West Elm, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel. It seems like everyone is selling stumps and charging $250! It's a stump, people. I just found the coolest one ever on my street corner. For free. BOOM.

 Stump_Stores   West Elm |  Anthropologie  |  Crate & Barrel

 Well it's been a few weeks since our big find. I have sanded him down a little bit and applied some polyurethane. He's actually quite smooth and sits pretty level.

Stump2  Stump1

My initial thoughts were to turn him into a nightstand or accent table in the living room, but I just can't decide. I'm also contemplating  adding a little paint or some casters to the bottom to spice things up a bit. Something like this?

One Tip Tuesday: Furniture Casters protect floors, add style, and increase flexibility in small spaces.

For now, he's made a home in the corner of our dining room while I stew on how to proceed. Regardless, I'm thrilled with our find! I think he's just the coolest thing. If nothing else, it's a great conversation piece!



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