Week 23 & 24: Millwork Begins

Tyler and I are back from California, and it is time for a house update! Progress continued in our absence, but don't worry, the house isn't finished or anything. :) We actually had to wait well over a week before the millwork team could get started, but I do have a few things to share...

Starting with the exterior, the ceiling of the front porch was finished as well as the metal roof on the breezeway.

Heading inside, we got our first big look at the hardwood floors in the kitchen today. They look great! Our island is being installed first thing next week because the countertop crew will be onsite to measure and begin fabrication (which is a 2 week process). While we're using IKEA cabinets for the island, they won't be using the standard legs that IKEA provides. Instead, the millwork team will be creating a custom base that will be permanently affixed to the floor.  Therefore, they had to uncover the floors in preparation and we got a nice little sneak peak!

All of the exterior kitchen cabinets were installed. Our fridge will sit in the hole you see below. The cabinets to the left of the fridge will be our pantry. They are quite large - 24" x 90". I'm really looking forward to having storage once again!

Below is a nice shot of what our cabinet doors will look like. They have yet to be painted, but you get the idea.

The millwork team is also going to build us a custom vent hood cover. We're trying to figure out the exact dimensions, so that's what Tyler was measuring in this photo. The vent hood will be centered above the range and the entire wall will be covered in subway tile. A wood shelf will extend to the wall on each side of the vent hood with a sconce centered above each shelf.

Now on to bathroom updates... grout is in! White grout for the subway tile and charcoal grout on the floor. You can also see that the window trim is complete and the door has been installed. We also have a floating vanity base in place. The guest bathroom is really coming together!

The master bathroom is looking great, too. Again, we went with white grout for the subway tile and then a light gray grout on all floor tile. Window trim has also been installed in here along with the floating vanities. The countertop team will be measuring up here next week along with the kitchen, so all of this work needed to be completed ASAP.

Window trim was completed in a few other rooms, and we expect the rest to be completed in the days to come followed by the rest of the doors, and then the base trim.

It was another beautiful day at the house, and we are really excited about all of the progress. We ordered our appliances late last week and they are scheduled for installation on March 30th, so it sounds like we're well on our way!

Check back next week for another update. In the meantime, take a look at the wildlife we saw at the house this afternoon!

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