Week 28: We're Getting Close!

Three weeks until move in. THREE. WEEKS. Eek! There is still a lot to accomplish, but the house is really starting to take shape. This next week is going to be crazy busy, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :) Over the past week a whole lot of interior painting was on the agenda.

You know how I was nervous about our paint color selections? Well worry no more. This paint is AWESOME. The house is light and bright, exactly the way I like it, but it doesn't feel cold or sterile at all. We used Dunn Edwards "White" on the trim, doors, ceiling, and soon to be cabinet fronts, "Droplets" on almost all of the walls, and "Faded Gray" in the two guest bedrooms.

If you're looking for the "perfect white", I would 100% recommend Dunn Edwards "Droplets". Most white paints have either a yellow undertone or a blue undertone. Droplets has neither. It has a gray undertone and really pops when paired with a pure white trim.

The guest bedroom below is painted "Faded Gray".

The shelves in the linen closet were installed this week. They will be painted white.

On Saturday, Tyler and I had a few projects on the docket. First up was mapping out the landscaping. It's kind of hard to see the grand vision in the photos below, but we basically spray painted out a guest parking area, shown below, and then figured out the driveway path and tree locations. We aren't doing any sophisticated landscaping at this time, but we'd like to get rid of our mud pit at a minimum!

Another project was the installation of a few more drawers. Yay, our favorite! We installed just about everything last weekend but left the pantry for another day. Since we're moving in just a few short weeks, we figured we better knock it out sooner rather than later.

We still have some shelves to install, but it's pretty darn close! Drawer fronts are supposed to be painted this week, so I'm hopeful we can install those next weekend.

We also knocked out the corner cabinet lazy susan installation. This thing is such a smart design. Instead of the old school lazy susan that simply turns in a circle within the cabinet, this thing pulls all the way out with ease.

We headed back to the house this morning to mark mirror, light and sink locations. That may sound like a pretty easy task, but it's REALLY hard to decide where you want all of that stuff when not a single one is currently in place. We ended up using painters tape to visualize and moved stuff around about a million times, but it's done! Whew.

Oh, look at this awesome light that Tyler built. There will be two mounted in the master bathroom.

Here's a nice shot of us mapping out the vent hood and kitchen sconce locations. It was a bunch of up a little, down a little, back up! Tyler loved it. :)

We're getting there! This week is going to be another busy one, though. Finalize interior paint, paint cabinet fronts, install countertops, plumbing, electrical, pour concrete, install appliances, finalize the well, exterior painting, and maybe even gutters. Yikes!

Tyler and I often joke that this house is our "child" because it will likely be a nine month process when everything is said and done, and we've put so much love into this place. Several of our friends are expecting babies of their own over the next few weeks, so it's been fun to watch us all move into these new stages in life. In fact, one of my very best friends had a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday morning, and Tyler and I got to meet him this afternoon. If our house is even half as cute as he is (can a house be cute?), I'll be one happy girl. Baby Maxwell, you are breaking hearts already. ♥ Congrats, Megan and Chris! He's perfect.