Weekend Plans


Happy Friday! I'm so glad it's the weekend and temperatures are finally warming up. Do you have big plans? This guy is on my to-do list...


Want to take a guess where I found him?? Believe it or not, I found him in my neighbors trash a few weeks ago! It was a Tuesday night and Tyler was off hitting golf balls, so I went for a walk by myself. On my way, I noticed a neighbor down the street had a larger than normal garbage pile for pick-up the next morning. It was fairly dark outside, but I noticed this guy right away. I decided if it was still there when I returned, I'd take a closer look.

Well sure enough, it was still sitting on the curb when I made my way back to the house. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of construction workers standing outside of the neighboring house staring at me as I checked the thing out. It was SO COOL! I could tell they thought I must be some kind of crazy lady, though.  I mean heck, it's one thing if I'm a crazy lady when Tyler's with me, but I don't want to be the crazy lady ALONE. Geesh. I decided to head home and wait for them to leave so I could go snag it.

10 minutes later, they were still there, so I hopped in the shower and hoped everyone would be gone by the time I was finished.

Lucky for me, the construction workers FINALLY left by the time I got out of the shower, so I threw on the first pair of boots I could find, a jacket, and headed out of the house with soaking wet hair. I was about 50 feet away from the thing when a car started making it's way toward me. I didn't think much about it at first, but then I noticed they had slowed wayyyyy down and were turning around in the driveway across from me. THEY WANTED MY SIDE TABLE! Pshhh. Heck no. I grabbed the thing on each side and started carrying it back to the house. It was super dark outside, icy, and I probably looked like a drown rat with my wet hair, but I wasn't letting this find get snatched up by anyone but me. I'm sure I must have been quite the sight.... Plus, the thing was A LOT heavier than I expected.

I finally made it back to the house and brought the thing inside. That was the first time I'd actually seen the thing in light, and I immediately noticed the legs and feet. AH-MAZING!!! Do you see those awesome gold caps? It was love at first sight.



The thing needs a bit of work, but I'm confident this puppy will look amazing with just a bit of elbow grease.




What do you think?! No... you can't have it. :) Hopefully I'll have some "after" photos to share next week! Have a good weekend.