Work to Weekend - The Denim Dress


Denim Dress  |  Gold Bracelets  |  Leopard Belt  |  Black Pumps (similar)  |  Floppy Hat  |  Striped Sweater  |  Clutch (similar)  |  Sandals (similar)

Finding a brand that continually hits your style on the head, uses quality materials, fits without contemplating sizes, is designed and manufactured within the US, and is within your budget sounds like a dream, right? I do a lot of research into clothing brands - especially where they source and manufacture their products - so I'm well aware that it is TOUGH to find such companies. Plus, I don't want what everyone else is wearing... I'm not picky or anything, am I? :)

Well I'm happy to say that I have found such a company in Taylor Stitch. I've mentioned them several times on this blog and for good reason. Taylor Stitch is based in San Francisco, CA where they design and manufacture all of their goods. Every Wednesday morning, a new collection of products is released for people like you and me to "fund". During crowd funding, the products are offered for a discount and then shipped to you about a month later.

They offer a limited number of products - especially for women - but what they do have is amazing. I just received the Jane Dress that I funded in July, and I'm over the moon about the fit, material and versatility. It is now available for regular sale, too! I have a feeling my closet may be taken over by Taylor Stitch one of these days, but I'm not complaining. :)