Bedroom Makeover Ideas


While we have a handful of projects in varying stages of progress around the house right now, I just can't kick the urge to start-in on a brand new project - our bedroom! We've done next to nothing to the bedroom since moving in almost two years ago. We hung a few hooks, installed a closet system, and built some end tables. That's about it.  While I don't have any big issues with the current state of the room, I just want to freshen things up a bit and make it feel a bit

The walls are currently a dark-ish brown/gray/beige (?) color. I actually didn't mind the color when we moved in, but it has started to feel kind of dark over time. Our room is in the northwest corner of the house, so we don't get a ton of natural light. I've been trying, slowly but surely, to lighten up all of the walls in our house. My goal? To paint everything WHITE! I love white. It's makes everything feel like a bright and clean canvas - full of possibilities! I'm fairly certain Tyler just sees insane asylum, but I'm confident that I can change his mind. :)

So, I've been in the planning stages for a few weeks now trying to come up with a game plan. I want something bright and clean, but with some earthy/natural elements. Something white but with warm wood tones and plenty of texture. Something cozy but a hint of masculinity - no frills or fluff for this girl.

Here are a few images from Pinterest that have been fueling my inspiration:

gray and white bedroom.

I'm planning to start out with some new paint on the walls and see where things go from there. Stay posted for more updates coming in the following weeks! Have a great weekend.

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