Capsule Wardrobe // Tyler's Winter Picks


As I'm sure many of you have already guessed, my infamous partner in crime for my winter capsule is none other than my handsome husband, Tyler! He thought the whole idea was kind of silly when I started back in September, so I was surprised when he said he might want to give a capsule wardrobe a shot. His initial hesitation was primarily due to his current work situation. His job was client facing, so he was required to wear a suit nearly every day. In terms of capsule planning, would that mean the suit pants, suit jacket, shirt, possible sweater, and shoes were all counted separately? 37 items suddenly seemed nearly impossible unless he was going to wear the same 2 or 3 suits each week. Well in October, Tyler actually started a brand new job where the dress code was much more relaxed. It was time to give the capsule wardrobe a shot!

Now anyone that has met Tyler knows that he's a pretty stylish guy. He has always liked clothes - especially SHOES! The boy has more pairs of shoes than me - even before I started my capsule. Funny enough, some of his co-workers joke that he must own stock in Cole Haan because he has so many pairs. :) Personally, his sense of style has always been one of the things I liked most about him. A guy that knows how to dress, presents himself well, is confident (and likes to shop with me!), all equal a very attractive person in my eyes. I was thrilled when Tyler said he wanted to join me for my winter capsule.

We started off the planning process quite similar to my first capsule - by sorting through his entire closet. We made piles of items that would be kept, sold, donated, and stored for future capsules. As we were sifting through everything, I started to notice a drastic difference between planning a capsule for men and a capsule for women. Men's clothing is very standardized. Pants, t-shirts, button-up shirts, sweaters, coats, shoes. That's about it. Girls have to worry about skirts, dresses, leggings, tanks, fancy heels, tall boots, short boots, flats, and so on and so forth. It's no wonder I prefer to shop for men!

When I plan a new capsule, I always start out by determining my color palette. For winter, mine was black, gray, and cream with accents of red, leather, and leopard. By defining a color palette, it's much easier for me to ensure all of my items will be able to easily mix and match. When planning for Tyler's capsule, we attempted to pick out some colors for him, but it became quite apparent that the strict color palette just wasn't as necessary. In general, I would say he tried to stay within the "blue family", but even that wasn't a requirement. The most important factor? Quality.

So enough with the chit chat! Let's check out Tyler's winter capsule wardrobe.


Cream Colorblock Sweatshirt (similar, similar) : J.Crew  //  Elbow Patch Sweater : J.Crew  //  Gray Lightweight Sweatshirt (OLD, similar): J.Crew Factory  //  Ash Brushed Twill : Taylor Stitch  //  Gray Quarter Zip (OLD, similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Gray Quilted Vest (OLD, similar) : Fossil  //  Dark Gray Quarter Zip (OLD, similar) : Banana Republic  //  Pinpoint Gingham : Taylor Stitch  //  Navy Gingham (OLD) : J.Crew Factory  //  Navy Striped Sweater (OLD, similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Denim Shirt in Triple Dot (OLD) : J.Crew  //  Navy Elbow Patch (OLD, similar) : Scout - Purchased in Venice, Italy  //  Blue Plaid (OLD): J.Crew Factory  //  Green Gingham (OLD, similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Navy Brushed Twill Jack : Taylor Stitch  //  Navy MicroDot : J.Crew  //  Wallace & Barnes Jacket (OLD, similar) : J.Crew  //  Layered Topcoat : Banana Republic //  Red Buffalo Check : J.Crew  //  "Big Red" (OLD, similar) : Spyder - T.J.Maxx


Black Grey Bedford Pant (OLD, similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Navy Bedford Pant (OLD, similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Faded Black Chinos : J.Crew  //  Navy Chinos : J.Crew Factory  //  Graphite Chinos : J.Crew  //  Burgundy Chinos (similar): Gutteridge - Purchased in Rome, Italy  //  Dusty Camel 484 Denim: J.Crew  //  Medium Wash Denim (OLD, similar) : Fossil  //   Dark Wash 484 Denim : J.Crew


Gray & Neon LunarGrand Wingtip (OLD, similar) : Cole Haan  //  Air Madison Oxford (OLD, Similar) : Cole Haan  //  Timberland Wodehouse Chukkas : Timberland Boot Company  // Black Leather Chukkas (OLD, similar) : Leonardo's - Purchased in Florence, Italy  //  Tobacco Military Boot (OLD, similar) : Cole Haan Outlet  //  Cheyenne Leather Boots : Sorel

Tyler and I are really excited to be simplifying our lives by getting rid of the excess, the crap, and the "buy it just because" attitude. We want to fill our home and our life with the items that we deem important so that we have the time, money, and freedom to do what we want without weighing ourselves down. Life's too short to worry about what to wear!