Black and White ARE Colors...


[1] Pull-On Shorts  [2] Regent Blazer  [3] Box-Cut Tee  [4] Silk Tank  [5] Slim Broken-In Boyfriend Jean  [6] White Denim Shorts 

If it's not black or white, I'm not interested - or at least it seems that way as of late! We're quickly approaching the end of summer which means I've been re-evaluating my wardrobe. I started my first Capsule Wardrobe last September, so I've been working with a reduced number of items for 12 months now! I no longer stick to just 37 pieces, but I do limit what I own. I have about 75 total pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes) that encompass spring, summer, winter and fall. As we begin each new season, I like to evaluate my closet and determine if I need to toss, sell, or purchase new. Each piece shown above is on my wishlist for fall.

I'm in desperate need of a comfy pair of denim and these boyfriend jeans from J.Crew really caught my eye. No tears or holes means that I can still wear them to work while the loose fits means I can be comfortable all day long.  I've had great success with my toothpick jeans from J.Crew, so I'm hopeful these will be winners, too.

As for the shorts, you may think I'm crazy to buy shorts as we enter September, but I promise I haven't lost my mind! Paired with a cozy sweater or light jacket, shorts can last me through late-October most years. I've gotten rid of just about every pair of shorts I used to own, so I'm looking for a few replacements that will be versatile long term. How can you go wrong with black and white? Plus, you can often find great deals on shorts this late in the season.

I've had my eye on the Regent blazer for quite some time, but I am extremely picky about blazers. I hate anything too bulky or long. The Regent is supposed to be feminine and fitted, and the fabric is wool with a hint of stretch. All of those qualities sound like something that might work, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it in hopes that it will be a winner.

I have the HARDEST time buying tops. I've purchased several over the past few months and every single one has been returned. Finding something that works for the office and the weekend is a top priority for me, so I'm hopeful both of these will be winners.

What are you looking to buy as we head into fall?