Shake it Up | Summer Drinks (Part II)



Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Tyler and I got in some long bike rides,  completed a few house projects, and even checked a couple more cocktails off of our Shake it Up list  - The Flat Ditch and The Watermelon Daiquiri. Let's jump into a quick review of each!

The Flat Ditch

The darkest and most flavorful drink to-date, this is Tyler's favorite so far. Dark rum, ginger beer, lime juice and real ginger slices made this drink surprisingly tasty! The ginger added just a bit of spiciness while the dark rum smoothed it all out. What a great combination!



My only hesitation? This one had a lot more alcohol than previous drinks, so it could be a dangerous if you're not careful! Otherwise, very tasty. I would definitely serve this to friends and family.


The Watermelon Daiquiri

The thought of muddling crisp watermelon slices with some fresh squeezed lime juice sounds like summer in a jar, but I have to admit that this drink was my least favorite so far. While all of the ingredients were tasty on their own, the combination simply lacked flavor. This was my first time trying light/white rum, so that could have played a factor - maybe it would be better with tequila??


At least it was a really pretty drink!



Four down, four to go! I think I originally said we had 10 drinks for summer, but I double checked over the weekend and it's actually just eight. I'm looking forward to soaking up these last two weeks of summer and taste testing the remaining drinks. I'll report back soon. :)