Bring the Outdoors In


Tyler and I have been in the process of "winter-izing" our home over the past few weeks. Raking leaves, clearing out vegetable gardens, removing window screens... That sort of thing. With the latest round of freezing temperatures and even a little snow, a few projects continued to get pushed back. When we finally had some high 40s low 50s this weekend, we decided to take advantage and finalize our to-do list. Tyler was in charge of cleaning out the gutters while I had leaf raking and flower bed clean-out duty. I had actually trimmed back most of our flowers a few weeks ago, but I decided to leave our ornamental grasses at the time - just because I like them so much! Well this weekend, I decided it was finally time to trim them back as well.

As I was cutting them down, I realized just how pretty they were. This could make GREAT decor in the house! Tyler's going to be thrilled. :) So instead of throwing it all away, I bundled it up and threw it in a vase in the house. Heck, Crate and Barrel sells nearly the same sort of stuff for $30 or something. I love to bring the outdoors in - especially this time of year, and you sure can't beat free!

I'm thinking about turning it into a wreath or possibly even spray painting the grass for winter decor. We'll see! For now, it's just hanging out with our awesome new rug in the entryway. Sometimes the best finds are right in your own backyard! Maybe you, too, can find some great decor in your yard to dress up a Thanksgiving table this week.






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