Capsule Wardrobe // November Summary


This is it! The end of my first capsule wardrobe!! I've nearly made it three months with 37 items in my closet. Are you surprised? I survived the 90 degree temperatures of early September and the 9 degree temperatures of late November. I'm pretty much a self-proclaimed expert at layering these days, but overall, the past three months have flown by with little to no wardrobe mishaps. I've actually been in full-on planning mode for my winter capsule these past few days, and I suddenly realized that I'm going to have to plan out some outfits again come December. I've become so accustomed to my fall wardrobe that I never even have to think about what I have to wear. I'll chalk that up to a success!

A few things I wanted to note as I wrap-up this capsule... I've been an avid rule follower my entire life, and this capsule was no different. I didn't (not even once!) sway from my 37 items. I felt an obligation to myself and to all of you following along to stick with my picks and see what happened. I'm actually really glad I did, too. I learned a lot about what is important to me when it comes to fit, color, and comfort. I know that the "capsule police" weren't going to come scold me for breaking the "rules", but I just wanted to prove to myself that it could be done. Also, I've had several questions regarding what I plan to do with my current 37 items after this capsule ends. A couple of things.... 1. Carry over items that fit into my winter capsule. 2. Store for future capsules. If I haven't included it in a capsule by next fall, it will be donated. 3. Donate items I do not want to keep. 4. Recycle items that have irreparable holes, tears, stains, or have simply outlived their useful life.

Without further ado, let's check out some of my favorite November outfits!



Chambray  DotDress  Armyjacket  Booties

Chambray Shirt : J.Crew  //  Black Dot Dress (similar) : J.Crew //  Green Army Jacket (old) : Banana Republic  //  Olive Suede Booties (similar) : Madewell  //  Necklace (old) : Madewell

Have you ever considered throwing on a button-up shirt instead of a sweater for warmth? It's a great way to add texture to an outfit without adding a ton of bulk. For this outfit, I simply threw on a black dress, added a chambray shirt and then tied it together with a simple brown belt. To keep toasty warm, I also decided to throw on some tights and then my handy dandy army jacket.



BlushBlouse  GreenShirt  jeans  Booties

Blush Blouse : Madewell  //  Green Cargo Shirt (similar) : Madewell  //  Toothpick Jeans : J.Crew  //  Olive Suede Booties (similar): Madewell

My green cargo shirt is nice and heavy - perfect for keeping me warm! Layering it over a silk blouse helps keep things casual and comfortable on the weekends. If necessary, I could also throw on my jean jacket over the top and add a scarf.



BWStripeShirt  Chambray  Armyjacket  jeans  Booties

B&W Stripe Tee : Banana Republic //  Chambray Shirt : J.Crew  //  Green Army Jacket (old) : Banana Republic  //  Toothpick Jeans : J.Crew  //  Green Suede Booties (similar) : Madewell  //  Plaid Scarf (similar): Madewell

This outfit, in one way or another, has been worn nearly every weekend through-out November. It's the perfect mix of color, pattern, and texture. With a long sleeve shirt, a chambray button-up, jacket, AND a scarf, it also makes for a really warm outfit.



WhiteEyelet  Trench  GrayPants  BlackHeels

White Eyelet Tee (old) : Gap  //  Trench Coat (old) : Ellie Tahari  //  Gray Trousers (similar) : Banana Republic  //  Black Suede Heels (old): Ralph Lauren  //  Tie Belt (similar) : Madewell

I'm not quite sure where I got the idea to put these pieces together, but it was actually one of my favorite work outfits this month. I've worn my gray pants and white eyelet top together multiple times, but adding a festive tie belt to the mix was exactly what this outfit needed. It made everything feel brand new all over again. By the way, my trench coat has been worn to work nearly every day this month. It's SO warm! I also like to add in a nice fleece scarf and some gloves on those frosty mornings. It's been a real life saver these past few weeks!



Chambray  DotDress  LeopardHeels

Chambray Shirt : J.Crew  //  Black Dot Dress (similar) : J.Crew //  Leopard Heels (old) : Nine West  //  Necklace (old) : Madewell

You've seen me wear my chambray shirt tucked into skirts, loose over shorts, front-tucked into jeans, and as a "sweater" over shirts and dresses - so what about UNDERNEATH a dress? It's that perfect extra layer to stay warm in the office, yet all of the cute details of the dress can still shine. Throw on some tights, my trench coat, and a scarf, and you're all set for that chilly weather!

I hope all of you have enjoyed my fall capsule as much as I have over the past three months. It's been a lot of fun to share this new adventure with everyone. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, and I'll be back on Monday to share my winter capsule picks!!