Capsule Wardrobe // Fall Favorites


In my October capsule summary, I promised an update on some of my favorite fall pieces as well as a look into what I would do differently moving forward. As a reminder, I'm working with 37 pieces for the months of September, October and November. This includes tops, bottoms, dresses, coats and shoes. You can check out all of my picks here. Let's start off with my favorites!

Overall, I have to say I've been really pleased with my choices. The change in weather from early September to late November has proved to be the biggest challenge, but it has really pushed me to try new combinations and get creative. When I look in my closet each morning, I can easily assemble an outfit and get out the door. Tyler even commented the other day that I haven't asked him what I should wear since I've started my capsule. I'll chalk that up as a win!

When I sat down to put together my 10 favorite pieces, it proved much more difficult than I expected! Each piece has had such an integral part over the past 3 months, but I finally resorted to the pieces I have worn the most and have proved to be the more versatile. Drum roll please...

t o p s

BlackTee BlushBlouse Chambray

Muted Black V-Neck : Everlane //  Blush Blouse : Madewell //  Chambray Shirt : J.Crew

All three of these shirts have been worn like crazy. I've actually considered carrying them over to my winter capsule, but we'll see what happens. The black v-neck tee was my first Everlane purchase, and I'm hooked. For the price ($15), quality (so soft!), and fit (small is fitted but not snug), I will likely have an Everlane tee in every single capsule. As for the Madewell blouse, it's been a great work and weekend top. The silk material makes it great for tucking into skirts and pants, but it also hangs really nicely without looking maternity - lord knows we don't need any of those rumors swirling. As for my chambray shirt, I think it's pretty clear this is a favorite. I wear it ALL THE TIME. It's really soft, fits great, and (the best part) it hardly ever wrinkles! I can literally wear it tucked into a skirt at work, hang it up that evening and by morning, it's completely wrinkle-free again. Amazing!

j a c k e t s

Armyjacket Gray Blazer

Green Army Jacket (old): Banana Republic  //  Gray Hacking Jacket : Banana Republic

Jackets have been my saving grace through-out November. My green army jacket has been worn nearly ever weekend since mid-October. It's the perfect layering piece and the color is that just right shade of green - not too light, not too dark. As for my gray jacket, it was been put to good use in the office. The neutral color makes it easy to wear multiple times within a week without looking like I haven't changed. :) If it were a bright pink blazer or something, people would definitely notice if I wore that thing on Monday and again on Thursday. The other bonus? It's wool so it's nice and toasty in my chilly office.


Shorts jeans blackpants

High-Waist Shorts : Madewell  //  Toothpick Jeans : J.Crew  //  Black Winnie Pants : J.Crew Factory

This was my first pair of high-waisted shorts, and I love them! I can throw on a tee and they look just just like normal shorts, but I can also tuck a top in, throw on some heels, and they look really dressed up! The length is perfect so that I don't feel like I'm showing too much skin if I throw on heels or booties. I actually picked up these toothpick jeans on sale at J.Crew around this time last year, and I've nearly worn them to death. They are the most comfortable jeans and the perfect rise. I'm right around 5'4" and bought a 26 Ankle which hits me right at my ankle bone - perfect for us short girls! As for the black winnie pant, I wear these to work non-stop. They're slim and stretchy without looking like leggings. They wash pretty well, too.

s h o e s

Sandals Booties

Lora Sandal : Madewell  //  Olive Suede Booties : Madewell

I swear by Madewell shoes. I have several pairs now, and you just can't beat the quality/price/versatility! I got both of these on sale and have worn them everywhere. I actually hiked all around San Francisco for a week straight in the olive booties. Not a single blister. The heel height is 2.5" which is perfect for a bit of added height but still easy to walk around. The Lora Sandal was an end of summer sale purchase, and I can't get enough. I wear them with everything! The straps are leather which means they easily mold to your feet after a couple wears, too.

I've found that the key to versatile pieces is to pick quality fabrics in neutral colors. If the fabric is soft, you're going to feel good in it. If the color is neutral, it's going to pair with anything in your closet. It's kind of amazing when you think about it - I paired my closet down to just 37 items and I STILL gravitate to the 10 you see above. But don't get me wrong, I'm not brave enough to only have 10 items. :) Check back in on Friday for a look at my least favorite pieces and what I plan to do differently for my winter capsule!