Capsule Wardrobe // October Summary


Happy Halloween! First off, I just have to say..... is the first day of November really TOMORROW? Yowzaa! How does that keep happening?!?! On a positive note, I have successfully completed two full months of my Fall Capsule Wardrobe! WOOHOO!! :) Can you believe it? Did you think I would break down and cave? (I had a few moments of worry, I must admit.) 37 pieces for 3 months. Interesting concept, isn't it?

Two months in and I am feeling.... an enormous sense of relief! After the first month, I was excited but hesitant that I still had TWO MORE MONTHS of the same clothes. What if I got sick of everything? What if mother nature decided to bring on some bitterly cold weather? Will people start to recognize my clothes and be like "didn't you wear that shirt the last time I saw you?".

Well two months down, and I must say that hardly any of those first month fears have come to fruition. I'm still loving my picks for this capsule. Knowing what I know now, there are a few things I would change moving forward (more on that to come), but all in all I think my choices have worked out quite well. We had a bit of a cold snap mid-October, so I had a brief moment of panic, but I simply pulled out some tights and scarfs to keep toasty warm. As for being seen in the same outfit multiple times? I don't really think that's happened at all. I usually try to mix things up as much as possible by throwing on new accessories to change the vibe, but to be honest, no one probably notices exactly what I'm wearing except for me anyway. At least that's what Tyler keeps telling me...

Well to wrap up my favorite month of the year, let's take a look at a few of my favorite outfits!


OUTFIT 1 // Comfy Cool


GrayTee ChambrayButtonUp JCrewSkinnies Sneakers

This is a warmed up version of my "Casual Sunday" outfit from September. Instead of shorts, I opted for some skinny jeans and a warm scarf. I usually throw this on to run errands on the weekend or when I work from home on Fridays.


OUTFIT 2 // "Weekend Adventure"


LightGreySweater BlackSkaterSkirt JeanJacket Booties

This outfit is great for those fall days where the sun is warm yet the breeze is cool. I actually worse this to a pumpkin patch one weekend, and it was perfect for traipsing around and drinking Oktoberfest. :) By the way, my Madewell boots (similar here) are AMAZING! I can wear them all day without any pain. I'd highly recommend a pair!


OUTFIT 3 // "Fall Love"


EmbroideredTop JCrewSkinnies OliveArmyJacket Booties

When I think about fall, this is the outfit I picture myself wearing. It's the perfect mix of casual, warm, and put-together all in one. It's one of those outfits I feel comfortable wearing to the grocery, to the office, or even out to dinner with friends. It looks put together without being stuffy. I styled it very simply with a pear of gold stud earrings and some simple bracelets here, but you could easily punch it up a bit with a great hat and scarf like these:



OUTFIT 4 // "Get Together"


ChambrayButtonUp MadewellSkinnies HeelSandals

October is probably the last month of open-toe shoe weather, so I've been trying to take advantage of my Madewell Sandals as much as possible. They pair really well with my dark wash skinny jeans and I added my latest purchase from Warby Parker, the Baxter Ti glasses in sugar maple, for a different spin on things. By dinner time, my eyes are usually pretty tired from wearing contacts all day, so I whip out a pair of glasses all the time.


OUTFIT 5 // "Leather + Leopard"


BlackShiftDress KhakiTrenchCoat Leopard

Who doesn't love a little leather and leopard? I wear this dress to the office all the time. I usually pair it with my black cardigan to keep warm, but it's such a comfortable piece. You could easily transition this dress to any season or event. If we had to go to a wedding or something, I would just pair it with some snazzy heels like these:

Soles Future Told Broadway Pumps


OUTFIT 6 // "Office Warmth"


BlackSwissDotTee BlackSkaterSkirt BlackWhiteBlazer Black

If I need to dress up a bit for work or I'm just looking for a bit of extra warmth, I head straight for my Banana Republic jacket. This thing is quite warm and extremely comfortable. I always tell Tyler it's a "shacket" because it's not quite a jacket and it's not quite a sweater. Perfect for fall!


OUTFIT 7 // "Naturally Neutral"


ContrastEdgeTop BlackMinniePants GrayBlazer Nude

Neutrals, people! This is my happy place. :) My favorite skinny pants, a beautiful top, a really warm blazer, and a great neutral suede heel. It looks sort of fancy but is really just four simple pieces. My favorite!


Two months down and one month to go! I'm still really enjoying my clothes and looking forward to coming up with some new outfits for November, but I know December will be here before we know it. More than anything, I'm just extremely excited to take all of the knowledge I have gained through-out my first capsule to make my next one even more successful! The importance of great shoes and warm layers is going to be the key to a killer winter capsule. Stay tuned for some of my "lessons learned" and a few more peeks into my winter capsule purchases. Happy Halloween!! Have a great weekend. :)