Capsule Wardrobe // Winter (least) Favorites


There were definitely a few items in my winter capsule that didn't get worn as frequently as others. This time around, it all seemed to hinge upon FIT. If I know I'm going to have to pull and tug at an item all day, I'm not as likely to put it on in the morning. I hate fussing with my clothes! Simply trying on something in a dressing room versus wearing it for eight hours a day can drastically change your opinion about an item. Let's take a look at some of my least favorites...

t o p s

WineBlouse  PlaidButtonUp    CableKnit

Wine Blouse (similar) : Banana Republic  //  Plaid Blouse (similar) : J.Crew //  Cable Knit Sweater : Banana Republic

The wine blouse  and plaid button-up are actually both pieces that I previously owned. The main reason I included them in my winter capsule was to add a little color and save some money. In hindsight, that may not have been my best decision. I only wore both of these items a handful of times. The wine blouse fits well everywhere but the arms. They're a strange length... hitting right above my elbow. I feel like the hulk because it's constantly bunching up to my bicep and makes me look like I'm trying to showoff my guns. Not quite the look I was going for...

As for the plaid button-up, it's just too big. I like the print and the super soft material, but I feel like a giant sack when I wear it. No thanks.

I really thought this cable knit sweater was going to be a winner when I purchased it, but I just don't do crew necks very well. I feel like a boy.

b o t t o m s

LeatherSkirt  GraySkirt    TuxedoLeggingsGrayPants

Faux Leather Skirt (similar) : Loft  //  Gray Mini Skirt : J.Crew Factory  //  Black Tuxedo Stripe Leggings (similar) : J.Crew  //  Gray Wool Pants : Banana Republic

The one item I REALLY wanted in my winter capsule was a faux-leather skirt. I found this one on sale at Loft and thought it would be perfect. Not quite... The inside of the skirt is like a suede material - aka, it sticks to EVERYTHING. I obviously have to wear tights in the winter to keep warm, but this thing just bunches up all day. Oh, and the waist is huge. Just not a great pick after all.

I've had this gray skirt for quite some time and I really don't mind it, it's just not my favorite. It's a little too preppy for me.

I thought these tuxedo stripe leggings were going to be a favorite item, but they quickly turned into a terrible pick. I can't keep them up! I'm constantly pulling and tugging. It drives me crazy!

These gray wool pants are super warm, but the fit is all wrong. The waist is too big. The rise is too high. The length is too short. I love the material, but that's about it.

d r e s s e s

RedDress  LaceDress

Red Dress (similar) : H&M  //  Black Lace Dress (similar) : Banana Republic

I actually really like this H&M dress, but I hate the way it bunches up when I wear tights. It's much more flattering on bare legs.

I really like this black lace dress too, but I simply didn't wear it very much. I wish it was a bit more versatile for weekend wear.

s h o e s

DVBooties  LeopardHeels TallBlackBoots

DV Booties (similar) : Piperlime  //  Leopard Pumps (similar) : Nine West  //  Tall Suede Boots (similar) : Ellie Tahari

Tyler never cared for these DV boots when I originally purchased them, but I thought they were amazing. Go figure, he was right. The skinny heel and 4" height is just too much for anything but office wear. My feet always start to cramp by the end of the day. When I compare them to my other boots, there's no contest.

I knew I needed a leopard heel for winter, and I simply didn't want to spend anymore money. I had these on hand from a random purchase last spring, so I stuck with them. The shoe is actually quite comfortable, but the shape just isn't ideal. I always knew these would be one of the first items I would replace when I found a good deal.

My tall suede boots were a last minute decision for my winter capsule, and I literally only wore these things twice. They are super comfortable, but I've had them for quite some time and they are losing their structure. The top is getting pretty saggy, so they look a little frumpy.

Overall, none of these items were terrible. I've actually gotten some great use out of a few of them in the past. It just goes to show that wearing things a handful of times like I used to versus wearing things daily makes a big difference. Fit and quality surpass all else.