Fall Home Decor


Copper Wall Stag - $29.99 | Wood/Metal Accent Table - $69.99 | Oversized Plaid Throw - $19.99 | Wood Lamp Base - $39.99 | Modern Anywhere Chair - $159.99 | Diamond Kilim Pillow - $19.99 | Decorative Felt Basket - $24.99 | Geometric Pillow - $19.99 | Wood/Metal Bench - $89.99

I ran into Target the other day over lunch (FYI - never a good idea), and spotted a ton of new fall arrivals. Gray, gold and geometric patterns everywhere!  The heart eyes emoticon was on repeat - just saying. I restrained myself and only walked out with two decorative pillows. Success!

Pillows are a great choice when you're looking to update your home this time of year.  I tend to keep things fairly neutral when it comes to home decor, so just a little update makes an entire room feel fresh and new. A few pillows, a super soft throw, and a basket to keep it all organized is all you need to cozy up these next few months!