Fall Style


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I don't know what the weather looks like for you lately, but temperatures have been dropping quite steadily here in Indiana. The shorts and tank tops of just a few weeks ago have quickly been swapped out for jeans and sweaters. I love to see the trees change color this time of year, but it is a very real reminder that even more chilly temperatures are right around the corner.

The onset of a new season is a great opportunity to re-evaluate our wardrobes.  Maybe you have some old boots that didn't fair so well in the salt and snow last winter, or what about some sweaters that now look more like swiss cheese than soft cashmere, or better yet, what about the oh-so fashionable scarf you purchased a few years ago that is suddenly SO last season. Whatever your situation might be, this is a great time to sort through your closet and decide what to purge, keep and possibly replace.

I purged most of my closet just over a year ago, but I still go through a thorough evaluation with the onset of each new season. I don't have nearly as many items to purge these days, but I do have a few cheap/poorly made items that I'm slowly replacing with quality/timeless pieces with each new season. As I replace items, I make a conscious effort to spend my money on companies that pride themselves on being conscious, sustainable, and ethical.

Sustainable: Produced with a minimum impact on the planet. Includes natural textiles and materials, low-carbon footprint, non-toxic dyes, recycled materials, and more.

Ethical: Produced in a way that doesn’t harm or exploit people and/or animals. Includes work conditions, wages, support of indigenous skills, and cruelty-free products.

Below are a few of the pieces that have caught my eye this season - all from brands that practice sustainable and/or ethical practices.


The A-Line by Brass Clothing | The Jane - Sea Washed Denim Dress by Taylor Stitch | The Ponte Full-Length Dress by Everlane | Evita Dress in Shiraz by Reformation | Hadley Dress in Peacock by Reformation| Cyan Dress in Black by Reformation| The Silk Tank Dress by EverlaneThe T-Shirt Dress by Brass Clothing


The Luxe Sweater U-Neck in Fawn by Everlane | .01 The Sweater - Light Grey by Zady | The Cashmere Cardigan in Dark Gray by Everlane | The Luxe Sweater Mid-Sleeve in Emerald by Everlane | Oversized Alpaca Sweater by Cuyana | Eva Sweater in Navy by Elizabeth Suzanne | The French Terry in Field by EverlaneLinn Sweater in Salmon by Elizabeth Suzanne


The Everlane Trench by Everlane |  Granite Jacket by Reformation | Cocoon Coat by Elizabeth Suzanne | Wool Coat by Cuyana | Brixton Coat in Shireen by Reformation | Building Block Drape Cardigan by Kowtow | The Everlane Anorak by EverlaneRobe Jacket by Objects Without Meaning