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Whenever I stumble upon a new shop or product that I really like, I love to pass it along to all of you! I don't know if any of you are crazy pillow people like me, but I just have to share my latest obsession....

I'm sure all of you have heard of H&M, but did you know that H&M has a home product line for interior design and decoration? I randomly stumbled upon their website a few months ago, but I didn't look at anything too closely. With their clothing line, I've often found that it's pretty hit or miss when it comes to quality, so I assumed the same would be true for the home line. WELL. Last week, I came across a collaboration between AirBnB (we all know about my obsession here), Homepolish, and H&M. They have joined forces to redesign a 3 bedroom home in Austin, TX that you can rent. The house is decked out in materials from the H&M home line collection and looks fantastic. You can check out some photos here.

I'm a sucker for home decor, so I immediately headed to H&M's website to check everything out. They have a little bit of everything - curtains, bedding, towels, vases, and PILLOWS. I've been on the hunt for new decorative pillows for months now, so I was SO EXCITED to see a ton of great pillows covers for affordable prices. I mean $4.95 for a gray canvas pillow cover? COUNT ME IN!

So anyway, I found a free shipping coupon and ordered a ton of pillow covers to see if this latest find was as good as I hoped. Everything arrived late last week, and let me tell you what. I'm SO IMPRESSED! Let's dive right in. Here's what I ordered:


[1 - $17.95] // [2 - $4.95]  // [3 - $5.95] // [4 - $5.95] // [5 - $17.95] // [6 - $12.95]

Now please keep in mind, those prices are for the cover ONLY. But still, that is a heck of a deal when compared to nearly every other retailer! H&M actually sells some pillow inserts for affordable prices too, but here's what I did instead...

I've always been a pillow lover. I've purchased expensive ones, cheap ones, and even DIY'd my fair share. I've been debating what to do with my "stash" upstairs, so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to put them to good use! Pillow inserts can be super expensive - especially if you get some really nice down/feather filled ones. You know, the ones that look best after a nice karate chop? But you can pay a pretty penny for those puppies. What if you just used some old pillows you had on hand?  Or, if you don't have any pillows sufficient for stuffing, just run to your nearest T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods, or Target and head straight to the clearance section. Sort through the piles of pillows (there are always a ton back there!) and find the right size for your cover. It can be the ugliest pillow around - it really doesn't matter since you're going to cover it anyway. You can typically find pillows for $10 or less. Yep, that's right. I'm just full of awesome advice today. You're welcome! :)

So anyway, here's what all of my covers looked like when they arrived.


I gathered up my miscellaneous pillows that were just hanging out in an upstairs closet and started stuffing them inside of the new covers.


To my surprise, the quality of the pillow covers was outstanding! Every single one had a nice zipper closure and I couldn't see a lick of the bright yellow through my gray cover.


I would HIGHLY recommend these covers! I actually ordered another handful over the weekend because H&M sent me a 20% off and free shipping coupon.... What can I say, I like pillows!






Are you on the hunt for some new pillows? What about a little change-up to hurry along spring? Pillows are always a great option!