Simple Wardrobe // Core 50 for Him


At the beginning of March, I shared my Simple Wardrobe for Her on the blog. Those "core 50" items make-up the majority of my wardrobe all year round, and I have also chosen to add in an additional 10-15 items for spring/summer and fall/winter to spice things up a bit. Even so, the basic rule of one in/one out always applies. After nearly a month, I have nothing but positive things to say about my Simple Wardrobe. I really like the expanded options as compared to my old capsule wardrobes yet still a well rounded wardrobe each time I look in my closet.  If I were still in a Capsule Wardrobe, I would have switched to my spring attire on March 1 and directly thereafter frozen my butt off because we received 7" of snow here in Indiana that day. There's no way I would have included a winter coat in my capsule, so that was a nice little confirmation that the Simple Wardrobe is a better solution for me long term.

Much like my Capsule Wardrobe adventure, Tyler has also created a Simple Wardrobe. To be honest, the entire idea to start a Simple Wardrobe actually stemmed off of conversations the two of us had around the capsule wardrobe philosophy. He quickly found that 37 items was too many for him in any given season, and a total of ~50 could likely suit all of his needs for an entire year. Boys.... So simple, aren't they?

While I have chosen to add a bit of flexibility to my Simple Wardrobe, Tyler has committed to a set of 55 core items. But don't let that fool you... while he sticks to the one in/one out rule, that just means he can shop whenever he wants as long as it's to replace something else. He's always okay with getting rid of old and buying new. :) Let's check it out!



52 items are currently in Tyler's wardrobe, but he has a few things on his wishlist. He should round out at 55 total Simple Wardrobe pieces. As a reminder, this does not include undergarments, workout clothing, lounge wear, or special occasion attire. I think most men have a pretty standard wardrobe, but it has been really nice for Tyler to look a bit closer at the details. He knows exactly what he has so he can make informed decisions when shopping for replacements. It also helps nail down styles, fits, sizes, and brands that work best for him.



[1] Sweatshirt** (similar)  //  [2] Sweater (similar) //  [3] Lightweight Sweatshirt (similar)  //  [4] Grey T-Shirt


[5] Henley (similar)  //  [6] Quarter Zip Sweater  //  [7] 9" Gray Shorts  //  [8] Chambray Shirt (similar)


[9] Gray Flannel  //  [10] B&W Gingham  //  [11] Vest (similar) //  [12] Light Grey Chino


[13] Grey T-Shirt  //  [14] Grey V-Neck  //  [15] Blue Plaid  //  [16] Khaki Cargo Jacket** (similar)


[17] Tan Denim  //  [18] 7" Green Shorts  //  [19] Green V-Neck**  //  [20] Green Chino


[21] Army Green Jacket**(similar)  //  [22] Olive Wool Sweater** (similar)  //  [23] Green & Navy Gingham (similar)  //  [24] Chambray Shorts (similar)


[25] Navy Gingham**  //  [26] Blue Chino (similar)  //  [27] Dark Grey Chino  //  [28] Muted Black T-Shirt


[29] Navy Flannel  //  [30] Navy Chino  //  [31] Stripe Sweater (similar) //  [32] Triple Dot (similar)


[33] Navy Sweatshirt (similar) //  [34] Relaxed Denim  //  [35] Raw Denim //  [36] Navy Wool Coat (similar)


[37] Navy Raincoat (similar)  //  [38] Overcoat (similar)  //  [39] Red Plaid  //  [40] 7" Red Shorts


[41] Red V-Neck**  //  [42] Buffalo Check (similar) //  [43] Metal Watch  //  [44] Leather Watch  //  [45] Brown Belt  //  [46] Black Belt


[47] New Balance Sneakers (similar)  //  [48] Gray LunarGrand  //  [49] Tan LunarGrand


[50] Military Boot (similar) //  [51] Chukka  //  [52] Nike Sneakers (similar)

Tyler was much better about sifting and sorting through his belongings to determine what would stay and what would go. He doesn't have nearly the emotional attachment to clothes that I do, so reducing his wardrobe came much easier to him. He knows what he likes and what he'll wear. If it doesn't fit into one of those two categories, to the sell pile it goes.  At the end of the day, Tyler ended up with the following :

T-Shirts:  7

Button-Ups: 10

Sweater/Sweatshirt: 7

Pants/Shorts: 12

Outerwear: 6

Shoes: 6

Accessories: 4


His wardrobe is a great representation of his style, don't you think? Would you consider a Simple Wardrobe?