Latest Find | Urban Renewal - Review

Urban Renewal

Last week I mentioned a new-to-me line of clothing with a renewable mission. It was called Urban Renewal and is a part of the Urban Outfitters brand. I received all of my purchases late last week so, as promised, I wanted to provide a review to all of you.


Ballet Rib Tank Maxi Dress

Loved the look and feel of this maxi dress, but the top was simply too revealing. I bought a Small and the straps were WAY too long on me. I wish the top had been made of the same material as the bottom, because I think it would have provided the support and coverage I like. The color was really pretty, though.


Plain Jane Open Back Romper

I bought this because I just really wanted to try it on. Maybe it's my many years of cheerleading, but I still can't pass up a big bow. :) The small was a perfect fit, but I ultimately decided the piece wasn't versatile enough for me. I couldn't wear it to work and layering anything over that giant bow (regardless of how cute it is!) would be a nightmare. I'm sure I would have loved it for the 2-3 times I would have been able to wear it, but I'm simply not in that market anymore.


Sundays Sack Dress

I actually bought this dress in navy because the khaki (shown above) was out of stock. I think I would have preferred it in this color. The navy ended up reminding me too much of a dress I already own, so I wasn't blown away. Plus, the fabric was a little bit itchy. I have sensitive skin, so I tend to be hyper-aware of that sort of thing. The fit was really nice and relaxed though, so it could be easily belted for the office. I think after a wash or two, the material would really soften up. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the khaki in a size Small.


Proud Mary Huipil Dress

I should have known better when it said ONE SIZE, but I ordered this dress anyway. As expected, it was enormous. The lightweight material made it easy to cinch with a belt, but I just couldn't picture myself throwing this on too often. Plus, the material was much more sheer than I expected. It felt a lot more like a beach cover-up than a dress.

After all was said and done, I ended up returning all four items. While the style and mission is right up my alley, the functionality for my current wardrobe needs just didn't make the cut. I couldn't picture myself wearing the items into the office, and that's simply where I spend the majority of my time. The items didn't check off enough boxes to make it into my Simple Wardrobe, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for future pieces since I do think the mission is one to get behind.