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Growing up, I had dreams of moving to a big city and never looking back on small town living. That's what most of my friends and family had done, so I assumed that was the formula to success. In the past four years since graduating from college, Tyler and I moved to the city, purchased our first home, got married, bought new cars, and have really settled into the big city life I always envisioned. The part I never imagined, however, was just how much I would miss that small town life.

More than anything, I miss the pace of life. Things always seemed so much slower - so much more relaxed and free. I'd venture to say that the pace is exactly what pushed me to want to live in the city in the first place, but oh how quickly things can change. Funny how that works, isn't it?



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Society seems to spend so much time comparing - how we look, what we're doing, what we're eating, how much money we have, etc. Social media only fuels the fire. It's as if our days our lived to fit into a photo of perfection. If not achieved, we must be failing.

In an effort to stop comparing our successes, Tyler and I have been spending a lot of time dreaming and planning our own definition of success. Instead of following the path lead by others, we have decided to veer left and pave a brand new route. It may take more time and a whole lot of patience, but I am confidant the journey will be fulfilling in and of itself.

I started this blog nearly a year ago to encourage myself to follow my dreams - to remind myself to do more with less. I hope all of you can find what truly makes you happy and follow those dreams, too. For us, that success may look like a little house out in the middle of nowhere with some fruit trees and a nice garden. For you, that may look like a high-rise condo with the most beautiful view of twinkling city lights or a safe suburban neighborhood manicured to perfection. I believe that if you can find what makes YOU happy, suddenly every day will be the perfect Instagram photo.

 For a little weekend inspiration, here are a few images from my Pinterest Board that are keeping me motivated to reach for my dreams.


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