Summer Bucket List


Do you create bucket lists? I'm a list maker in general, but bucket lists are a personal favorite of mine. It is a great opportunity to write down the projects, trips, and activities I would really like to complete one day. "One day" being the key phrase there... Simply writing something down and crossing your fingers it will eventually come to fruition isn't the best plan. Writing ideas down, however, is an excellent starting place. I've often stumbled upon old bucket lists and am amazed at the number of outstanding tasks I have yet to complete. It's an excellent reminder to break the routine and try something new.

This past weekend, Tyler and I checked another item off of my summer bucket list - GO FISHING! I had only been fishing one other time as a teenager, and I still have the best memories of the day. Tyler's Uncle Don and Aunt Beth have a pond in their backyard near our hometown, so we spent the day battling for the biggest catch. Any guesses who came out on top?


THIS GIRL!!! Woohoo!



Baiting the hook and removing the fish definitely are not my forte, but I can "fish" with the best of them. :) Poor Tyler barely caught a thing, but we had fun on the stand-up paddle board instead. Summer is just more fun on the water, isn't it?

11836887_981012571930542_4986983168827376555_n (1)

I'm terrified to look back 30 years from now and wonder where time has gone and what I have done in life. That's why I create bucket lists. It's a reminder to go do something. Create memories. Laugh a lot. Make a fool of yourself. Life was meant for living, after all.

A big THANK YOU to Jo, Ron, Don and Beth for helping everything come together!

Photos by Jo Ellen Johnston