Shake it Up



Would you consider yourself a drink connoisseur? I have always wished I knew more about cocktails. I suppose that is true about anything in life, though - I hate not knowing! Cocktails, however, I truly know next to nothing. I've never been much of a drinker. Beer, wine and the occasional margarita is about as festive as it gets around here. Plus, I've been known to have some not so pleasant reactions to liquor as of late. In an effort to jump out of my comfort zone (and figure out if my body really has decided to reject anything but beer or wine), I've decided to change just that.

Tyler and I bought a new bar cabinet a few months ago and with that, Tyler picked up a book called "Shake" by Eric Prum and Josh Williams. The book is filled with beautiful photographs and how-to recipes of cocktails containing no more than five ingredients. I have scanned the book a few times and been intrigued by the recipes, but have yet to make a single one. Shocked, aren't you?


Over the weekend, I once again pulled the book out and decided enough was enough. If I'm ever going to learn a darn thing about cocktails, I'm just going to have to dive right in and give it a shot (no pun intended). The book is divided by season - 10 drinks for the summer, fall, winter and spring respectively. Some sound really tasty while others are completely out of my comfort zone, but Tyler and I have decided to try every single one!


We're starting with Summer drinks as we're still in the summer season. Unfortunately, the end of summer is September 23, so we have 10 drinks to try between now and then - just under one month! I've started my grocery list to ensure we have all of the ingredients we need, and I'll report back each week on our progress and pass along any knowledge I gain along the way. We can learn together, right?!

If you're interested in following along with us, feel free to purchase your own copy here, here or here for around $20!