Simple Wardrobe | Update


Photo via Pinterest

Life truly is a roller coaster ride, isn't it? MAN. Looking back, I feel as if the past 6 months were the steady climb - allowing ample space and time to take in one's surroundings and prepare for the future.  And then BAM! Out of nowhere, crazy hairpin turns, steep drops, and the inevitable loops and corkscrews seem to have taken over. It's tough to think and dream when you're trying to hold on for dear life.

I suppose this time of year always brings lots of change and excitement.... right? Well I sure hope that's the case. Yowzaa! I feel as if life has been extra unpredictable lately. This planned, calculated, and routine girl has been swept up in the ride and many of my "extra" activities have been placed on the back burner - like my blog. So sorry for my absence!

In the midst of the chaos, I came to the realization that nothing in life is static. Everything and everyone is continually in a state of change - like it or not. The same goes for this blog and the content I share. I keep talking about providing an updated Simple Wardrobe, but I suddenly realized that by the time I share my new "Core 50" or "Summer Picks", it's basically outdated again.

SO. What does that mean? Instead of a single blog post dedicated to my latest Simple Wardrobe, I have created a Simple Wardrobe Page that will continually be monitored and updated - a "living" Simple Wardrobe. It's a representation of what you would see if you came over to my house and looked in my closet - right now.

You may be asking yourself.... Why is that important? Why do I care what's in your closet? Well, maybe you don't. That's perfectly fine. Like I've always said, this blog is basically a giant diary for myself. It's a way to chronicle the projects around our house and remind myself to do more with less. A page dedicated to my ever-changing closet is a way to remind myself that nothing has to be permanent. Yes, I want to keep a simplified wardrobe. Yes,  I want to buy quality items. But I also want to be able to easily swap out pieces if something just isn't working anymore. FLEXIBILITY, People.  Change. Is. Good.

So go ahead, click over to my Simple Wardrobe. Let me know what you think! You can always access the content by navigating to the "simple wardrobe" link at the top of the blog. Hopefully I'll be able to share more "living" pages in the months to come. Have a great weekend!! :)