Simple Wardrobe // Recent Purchases


I shared my Simple Wardrobe just over two months ago, and I've already made several additions and subtractions. When you're working with a minimal number of pieces, it becomes clear quite quickly what works and what does not. A pair of shoes could seem like the perfect addition, but you wear them once or twice and realize they KILL your feet. Well no one has time for that. Instead of tossing them in the back of my closet to collect dust like I used to, now I sell them. What doesn't work for me may be perfect for someone else. I'm looking for great - not good.

Several of the 53 items I shared back in March were either recent purchases or items I intended to replace down the road. Heck, some simply didn't work out the way I hoped. Things change and THAT'S OKAY! My "recent purchases" will replace pieces in my Core 50 or are a part of my "spring/summer" rotation.  Let's jump right in...


Grey Stripe Tee  |  Beige Booties  |  Backpack

I had a striped tee in my Core 50, but I just don't think it's quite right. I'm SO PICKY when it comes to stripes. I've ordered and returned just about every striped shirt on the market, but I just stumbled upon this guy and decided to give it a try. I haven't received it yet, but I have high hopes!

My beige booties are AWESOME. I was hesitant about the color originally because I thought they might get dirty easily, but I've already worn these a handful of times and LOVE them. They are SOOOOO comfy and the color is super flattering. Plus, I got a great deal on them. I'd highly recommend! Oh, be sure to size down, though.

Oh, the backpack debate. I ended up keeping this guy, and I am SO PLEASED. Best $40 I've spent.


Stripe Tee  |  Linen Shorts  |  Knit Dress

Another striped tee, you ask? Haha. Yes. I love stripes! Like the grey stripe above, I just ordered this one so the debate is still out on whether it will be a winner or not. A nice short sleeve tee is perfect for summer, so I have my fingers crossed!

These linen shorts were a last minute buy for Hawaii, but I'm really glad I had them. It's nice to have something you can easily pull on and still look put together. I've worn these several times since our return, and I think they will be a perfect spring/summer staple.

I pre-ordered this knit dress from Taylor Stitch through their crowd funding effort, so I should receive it later this month. I can't wait! Great for the office and weekend - exactly the kind of dresses I like to have in my closet.


Flats  |  Floppy Hat  |  Black Cardigan

These flats are awesome. Despite the pattern, they have proven to be extremely versatile. I had a little blister after the first wear, but they have been super comfy ever since. I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

Do you wear hats? My Mom always used to tell me I looked good in them, but I could never see it. With all of this curly hair, it's tough to find something that works. I stumbled upon this hat at J.Crew one day and instantly fell in love. It has the perfect "flop" to it. I actually wore it for the first time out in public last weekend, and I don't think I've ever had so many strangers comment on how much they liked my outfit. I guess I finally found "my" hat!

I'm always on the look-out for the perfect black cardigan. I found this one at Madewell and have been pretty darn happy with it. It's a great weight - light but still warm. It has a nice waffle texture to it which is nice, too.


So those are the latest additions! What do you think? I suppose an update on what has been removed is next, so look forward to that next week. Have a great weekend!! :)