Simple Wardrobe // What is it?


As of March 1, I am transitioning into a new wardrobe philosophy. I'm calling it the Simple Wardrobe. I really enjoyed my Fall and Winter capsules over the past six months, but I decided it was time to mold the Capsule Wardrobe philosophy into something that better fit my lifestyle. While I enjoyed paring my clothing down to just 37 items for a 3-month period of time, I found myself purchasing items on a whim and selecting pieces that may be trendy for that season, but not versatile down the road. I want a well-rounded wardrobe. I want a wardrobe that represents ME. I want a closet filled with only my favorite items. So, let's talk about the nitty-gritty deals...

What is a Simple Wardrobe?

A simple wardrobe is a set of 50 (or so) items to be worn 365 days a year. These items represent your core wardrobe essentials, and they are the basis of your personal style. If you think about it in terms of a "capsule wardrobe", these 50 items would be the pieces that fall into 3 or more capsules. This includes tops, bottoms, dresses, coats, shoes, and accessories. Yes, even accessories. This does not include undergarments, pajamas, or work-out clothes. (Although I think those would naturally become paired down, too.)

In addition to the core 50, an additional 10-15 items can be added for the spring/summer and a new 10-15 items for the fall/winter. These items are season-specific and/or trendy styles that you want to bring in. This could be a swimsuit or fur parka. Both are necessary, but not all year round. Plus, I don't know about you, but I love fashion and trying new clothing trends, so this gives you the flexibility to do so. Clothes should still be fun, afterall!

A few other things to mention.... Unlike the capsule wardrobe, shopping can now occur at any time - not just a few weeks before a new capsule. HOWEVER. As new items are brought in, old items must go out. This shopping mentality helps to ensure that each item you purchase is even better than the current piece and is something that you really want or need. I also didn't mention anything about "occasion" clothes. I will be dedicating a separate 5-10 piece wardrobe to special occasions. This will include a business suit, a few fancy dresses, strappy heels, and some accessories.


So why am I so focused on 50 pieces? What if I want 51? or 57? or 64 core pieces? Minimalism isn’t a numbers game. It's not about owning as little as possible. It’s about owning and doing exactly what you need or want. So if you want to own 15 pairs of jeans because you love every single one of them and wear them all, that’s great! But if your closet is a jam-packed mess that makes getting dressed a chore, that’s a different story.

What about all of my stuff?!

I hear you - loud and clear. It hasn't been easy for me either! The things you own, big and small, aren’t just stuff. They represent your history, aspirations, habits, and values.

That’s why it can sometimes be so hard to let go of something as simple as an old t-shirt from high school. To you, it’s not just a t-shirt, it represents an important stage in your life and is tied to a whole lot of feelings and memories. Going through your stuff and getting rid of anything that does’t have a place in your life anymore can have a very therapeutic effect, because it forces you to closely assess and deal with those kinds of underlying emotions.

Psychological research has shown time and time again how physical clutter overloads our senses and stresses us out. We need a nice, clutter-free environment in order to feel rested, calm and content. And usually, once we have dealt with the clutter, tackling the bigger things in life that we might have been wrestling with, feels easier.


What do you think? Would a Simple Wardrobe work for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Make sure to check back in on Wednesday because I'll be sharing my Simple Wardrobe!