Capsule Wardrobe // WINTER 2014


Happy first day of December, and welcome to my winter capsule wardrobe! Like my fall capsule, I once again have 37 items in my closest for the next three months - December, January, and February. I've spent a lot of time planning for this capsule, and I think I'm a bit more prepared this time around. I learned a lot from my fall capsule in terms of wear ability, the importance of great layers, and even what styles work best for me in both work and casual settings.

I started planning for my winter capsule nearly a month ago. Why so early? I have never had many good pieces for winter - coats, boots, sweaters, etc. I knew that I was going to have to invest in some quality pieces to make this capsule work. With that being said, I'm still the queen of sale shopping. I spent a ton of time over the past few weeks scouring websites and ads for the best possible deals. I had some very specific items in mind for this capsule and I knew they weren't going to be cheap, so I made every effort to wait for a good deal. I'm happy to say I was able to invest in some timeless pieces, get nearly every item on sale, AND come in under budget. WOOHOO!

Before we jump into the good stuff, I do want to mention a big "ah ha!" moment I had as I was finalizing my 37 pieces. I found myself (similar to fall) filling my capsule with....stuff.... just to fill it! Time was becoming quite limited and I still only had 34 or 35 pieces - MUST FIND MORE PIECES! No. That's silly! And completely NOT THE POINT. I started a capsule wardrobe to help eliminate the crap in my life - not bring more in. I want to own items I REALLY like. Not just today, but for years to come. When it came down to the last few spots to fill, instead of shopping around for just anything to fit, I decided to "shop" in my storage supply. If I purchased an item previously and didn't donate it in "The Purge", it must be something I really liked at one time for one reason or another. Why not use what I have?

So let's check it out. Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2014 has officially started! Tops  White Tee : Everlane  //  White Silk Blouse : Everlane  //  Cable Knit Vented Sweater : Banana Republic  //  Oatmeal Cardigan : Forever 21  //  Camel Wool Sweater (OLD, similar) : Banana Republic  //  Gray Cropped Sweater : Banana Republic  //  Gray Cardigan (similar) : Forever 21  //  B&W Stripped Tee* : Banana Republic  //  Red Silk Peplum (OLD): Fossil  //  Plaid Button Up (OLD) : J.Crew Factory  //  Wine Blouse (OLD) : Banana Republic  //  Buffalo Check Shirt (similar): J.Crew  //  Black L/S Tee : Everlane  //  Black Silk Blouse : Everlane //  Black Wool Cardigan (OLD, similar) : Banana Republic  //  Leather Biker Jacket : Zara  //  Fur Parka : Banana Republic  //  Black Overcoat (OLD, similar): J.Crew Factory

*Anything in bold text was carried over from my fall capsule.*


Gray Skirt (OLD, similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Black Skater Skirt *: Madewell  //  Leather Pencil Skirt : Loft  //  Gray Pants (similar) : Banana Republic  //  Black Drappy Pants : Banana Republic  //  Black Tuxedo Stripe Legging (OLD, similar): J.Crew  //  Black Sloan Pants : Banana Republic  //  Dark Skinny Jeans* (similar) : Madewell  // Black Skinny Jeans : J.Crew  //  Dot Dress* (OLD, similar) : J.Crew //  Lace Dress (OLD, similar): Banana Republic  //  Leather Pocket Dress *: Madewell  // Red Dress (OLD) : H&M

*Anything in bold text was carried over from my fall capsule.*


Leopard Heels* (OLD, similar) : Nine West //  Black Booties (OLD, similar): Madewell  //  Laine Boots : J.Crew  //  Leather & Fur Booties : Piperlime  //  The Sammie Boot : Madewell  //  Tall Suede Boots (OLD, similar) : Tahari - TJ.Maxx

*Anything in bold text was carried over from my fall capsule.*

And those are my 37 picks for the next three months! What do you think? I'm really excited and can't wait to dive into some brand new outfits. :) Keep an eye out for another capsule post on Wednesday - I'll be revealing my partner in crime and his/her picks for the next three months. Happy Monday!!