Squirrel Defense // PART II

This is what I would love to do to the squirrels in my backyard.  The ones that are destroying my bird feeders.

I posted about my first attempt at Squirrel Defense on Monday, so I wanted to post an update.

As of Monday evening, it looked like something had attempted to nibble at one of our pumpkins, but it must have decided my concoction wasn't too tasty. Success! Take THAT you little furry devils.


Well, I thought it was a success anyway. We had some pretty heavy rain on Monday night and all day Tuesday morning. I came home last night to this....


Yes, the pumpkins are still perfectly in tact. BUT. As you can see, the hairspray and Sriracha have been completely washed away. Eek!

Pumpkins6  Pumpkins5

Here's a little before photo for comparison.

As of Tuesday evening, nothing had attempted to destroy them yet, but I'm fearful what I might find tonight. My goal is to have at least one pumpkin in good standing by Halloween. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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