Squirrel Defense // PART III

The squirrel saga continues....

Relentless. That's the only way I can describe the fury little devils that have decided to invade our doorstep. I pulled into the driveway on Friday evening and caught one red handed! He left me with this...



On the bright side, we still had three pumpkins intact for trick-or-treating that night. We met my goal of at least one still standing by Halloween!

As I'm sure you can imagine, the damage did not stop there, though. The remaining pumpkins had a pretty good layer of frost on them Saturday morning, so the squirrels kept their distance. Unfortunately, after running errands all afternoon, we came home to yet another casualty. The poor little white-ish guy just couldn't hang on. Three down, two to go!


On Sunday, Tyler and I spent most of the morning outside raking leaves and pine needles. The commotion kept the squirrels away for the time being. Tyler's parents came to visit that afternoon, though, and by the time we made it back home, we were greeted by this...



Seriously?! LEAVE MY PUMPKINS ALONE! He even attempted to jump over and attack the sole surviving green guy, but I opened the door and shooed him away. The green one is now safely in the comfort of our home. Surely the squirrels won't be able to bust through our front door to get to him, right? Geesh.

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