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When is the last time you whipped out a backpack? College? High school? Heck, I don't know that I EVER carried a backpack to school. I was always more of a "tote" sort of girl. Well believe it or not, backpacks are making quite the comeback this spring, and I couldn't be happier about it. Tyler and I have several upcoming trips and we're always doing a ton of running around in the warmer months, so the last thing I want to worry about is lugging around a purse. If I can throw on a backpack and have two hands free all day, sign me up.

When it comes to backpack "style", it seems just about anything goes these days. I've seen everything from office appropriate to tiny clutch-like backpacks. For me? I like a nice middle of the road backpack. Enough to carry an iPad, phone, wallet, lotion, and re-usable shopping bag, but that's about it. I'm fairly certain my textbook days are behind me, so I just need something casual. I'm thinking vacation and weekend use only.

Well low and behold, I stumbled upon these amazing photos this week...


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Photo via This Time Tomorrow

That BAG! Love it. It's exactly what I've been trying to find. Unfortunately, it's from ASOS last year, so it's no longer available. I searched high and low trying to find it someplace else, but I had zero luck. :( Since I couldn't have that bag, I decided to search for something similar. Well let me just start off by saying that backpacks range in price from $20 to $800. I'm not even kidding. For reference, the bag above retailed for $105. It's real leather, hence the higher price tag. Since I plan to use a backpack quite a bit over the summer and for summers to come, I was willing to spend a bit more than $20, but there's no way I'm spending hundreds.

After much searching, I actually found three contenders that I decided to give a shot. Strangely enough, they ranged all over the board when it came to price. I decided to order all three to really test things out.


CHEAP - Target ($39.99)  //  MODERATE - Zara ($99.90)  //  EXPENSIVE - ASOS ($359.00 on sale for $140)

I should receive everything next week, so I'll make sure to provide an update soon. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Would you consider carrying a backpack this spring?