Wall Sconce DIY

Continuing my DIY light theme, let's talk about wall sconces.


These beauties have been framing our fireplace since we moved in nearly two years ago. A bit gothic for my taste, I suppose. I didn't hate them, but it just didn't fit with the rest of our decor. I considered painting the bases or simply replacing the globes with something very simple, but then I saw these from Cedar and Moss while I was scouring the internet one day....


Vista Long Wall Sconce  |  Fjord Sconce

Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Except the price, of course. Over $100 a piece? Not quite so great. It sounds like a little DIY is in order! The design itself appeared to be extremely simple, so I headed to Grand Brass to check out our options.

Have you checked out lighting supplies recently? They have quite a unique naming convention going on.... bobesches, bodies, bulbs, canopies, cups, hickeys, nipples, nuts, switches, swivels. WHEW! Let's just say I did a whole lot of clicking around before I was able to find the pieces and parts that would create something like those from Cedar and Moss. The biggest hurdle? The bulbs. Lucky for me, Grand Brass had exactly what I needed! An entire section dedicated to Silver Crown Bulbs? Who knew!

After quite a bit of research and discussion, I ordered our supplies. Everything arrived within a week or so, and Tyler assembled and installed these beauties. Don't they look like the one's from Cedar and Moss? We spent about $25 per sconce - not too bad!



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