We Bought Paint!


Photo via Pinterest

On Saturday, Tyler and I officially BOUGHT PAINT for the living room. I know, I know. BIG things happening over here. What color do you think we selected?

We were total rebels. Let me explain. Ace Hardware happened to be having a sale on Clark + Kensington paint - buy one gallon get one free! You can't really beat that for quality paint, so we headed to a nearby Ace Hardware to check out the selection. I've never looked at Clark + Kensington paint samples before, but I was happy to see that the particular Ace Hardware we visited ALSO sold Benjamin Moore paint. We all know about my obsession with Benjamin Moore paint..... White Dove, anyone? A lot of people often forget that hardware stores can color match paint, so while the sale was for Clark + Kensington, we weren't limited in our color options. Woohoo!

Now anyone that has looked at those tiny paint sample squares and tried to select a color knows that it's nearly impossible. The lighting in those places is horrendous and every color starts to look the same after about 30 seconds. Well believe it or not, after all of the paint samples I have brought home and swatches I have thrown on the walls, we didn't go with a single one of our earlier options. WE PICKED A COLOR WE'VE NEVER SEEN. Yep, rebels. Well, Tyler picked it. If it's terrible, I blame him. :)

We're both off work on Friday, so it will be paint mania around our house. Wish us luck and cross your fingers we both make it out alive....

Oh, and no, this is NOT an April Fools joke. We really are rebels who fly by the seat of our pants. Okay, maybe not but still. Paint, people. We have paint.