Backpack Review


Photo via Pinterest

As a follow-up to my Trending //  Backpacks post last week, I thought it was time for a little review. These were the bags I ordered:


CHEAP – Target ($39.99)  //  MODERATE – Zara ($99.90)  //  EXPENSIVE –ASOS ($359.00 on sale for $140)

The Target and Zara backpacks arrived on the same day. I opened up the Target package first, so let's start there.


When I ordered the Target backpack in beige, I fully expected this thing to feel like a big piece of plastic. I liked the shape and clean lines on the website, but I was keeping expectations VERY low. Well I opened this bad boy first, and let me tell you what.... I was SHOCKED by the quality. I would NEVER guess this thing was from Target or just $40. In my experience, the more minimal/clean-lined the item, the higher the price. Well this bag totally blew that stereotype out of the water. Tyler arrived home shortly after I opened the packages, and he saw this bag laying on the table. He instantly goes "wow, that one looks nice.". Gotta love Target!

THE GOOD: Price! Style. Comfort. Lightweight.

THE BAD:  Slightly bigger than I thought I wanted. The color is beautiful, but it may stain easily. The snaps don't hold extremely well.


Next up is the Zara suede fringed backpack. This bag arrived the same day as the Target package, but I opened it second fully intending on liking this one. I really thought I wanted suede and a tad bit of fringe - I guess I was having a boho/hippy moment or something. Well I opened up this package and immediately saw fringe. LOTS of fringe. I mean it was everywhere. What I failed to realize when I ordered this bag was that the straps ALSO have fringe. Clearly visible in this photo, but I obviously didn't pay attention.


When I put this bag on, it looked like I had two horse mane's on my shoulder's. It was ridiculous. Tyler hated it. I think it would be great if I really was a hippy or going to a fun music festival, but I'm looking for versatility here.

THE GOOD: The color was really nice and the suede was super soft. The size was exactly what I wanted. Price was okay.

THE BAD: Way too much fringe. The front flap was super hard to close due to all of the fringe. The bag was surprisingly heavy.


Finally, the ASOS leather backpack arrived and I could hardly wait to open it. I mean this bag retailed for $359. I, of course, didn't pay that much, but what makes a bag worth over $300? This thing must sing, dance, and clean itself or something. Well as soon as I opened the package, I was immediately hit with the smell of leather. Mmmmm. It even SMELLED expensive. Then I felt it. YOWZAA! It was oh so soft. The only problem? Black. I knew when I purchased the bag that black wasn't quite what I was looking for. ASOS had a brown version at one point, but it sold out. If only....

THE GOOD: Oh so soft leather. Impeccable craftsmanship. The stitching was perfect. Size. Weight. Organization. Comfort. The color would be ideal for hiding dirt and grim.

THE BAD: Price. Price. Price. Tassels were a little bit big for me. While the black color is a positive in terms of wear and tear, I just really wanted something lighter.

So what do you think? Do you like any of them?

My final conclusion? The "moderate" Zara bag went back right away. Too much fringe. The "expensive" ASOS bag was oh so nice, but I couldn't justify spending $140 on something I didn't LOVE. If I ever find the brown version, I may rethink things but that bag went back, too. The "cheap" Target bag is still a maybe. I haven't decided if it's what I want just yet, but I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun backpack this spring/summer!