Week 14: Snow, Ice and Everything Nice

Winter weather has officially hit Indiana. Snow, ice, and single digit temperatures were on repeat all week, but we were still able to get several key items completed despite the inclement weather. First up was the beginning stages of the roof. We REALLY wanted a metal roof - both for durability and design - and were thrilled we could squeeze it into our budget. The process involves running standing seam sections onsite, as seen in the photo below. It was absolutely FREEZING the day this photo was taken, so kudos to the crew for braving the weather and getting this critical step completed! I've officially decided I can't complain about the cold temperatures this season since I work inside. :)

The finished panels are being "stored" in the garage until ready for installation. We are hoping for installation next week (fingers crossed!). The weather is looking good so far, but you just never know what may happen in Indiana.

In addition to the metal roof, a few more framing items were knocked out this week. First up is the built-in "shelf" that separates the kitchen and living room. Our second floor plumbing is conveniently housed in this space, which I think is a genius design. The shelves will eventually be accessible from the right and will house our electronic "stuff". You know, the receivers, DVD player, Roku, that sort of thing.

The electrician, plumber and HVAC teams finished up a few more details as well. We now have outlet and switch locations in place.

Possibly the most exciting achievement, though? The basement! We officially have stairs in place, so I was able to check out the basement for the first time since framing began. The space is huge! It's an exact footprint of the first floor, but contains only the mechanical necessities. I'm sure this space, which we originally weren't going to include, will prove to be a life-saver in the years to come.

A few other items checked off the list include the beginnings of duct work, wall-mounted faucets, and a bathtub in the guest bathroom!

All in all, we're thrilled with the progress but are hopeful mother nature gives us a few more weeks of mild weather so we can complete the roof and siding installation. Maybe by January?? Fingers crossed!

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