Week 13: Slowly but Surely

The trials and tribulations of home building continued this week. Finding reliable trades and getting everything lined up just right is an art. The home building process relies on each step to be completed before the next step can begin, so everything comes to a major halt when just one piece of the puzzle hits pause.

That's been the cycle of events for the past few weeks, but we're hopeful we will be back on track shortly. A few items were completed near the end of the week which should allow some trades to return and finish up, and the much anticipated roof? I'm crossing my fingers it will happen next week. I feel like I've been saying that for several weeks now... :)

On a positive note, the half-wall on the first floor was framed this week. We originally considered having our stair railing run along the first floor, but it would have been pretty costly. Instead, we're going to drywall this and cover it with shiplap for a bit of texture.

By the way, sorry for the terrible photos. It was getting dark really quickly when we stopped by on Saturday, so this was the best I could do.

On the second floor, pocket door frames were also installed. The horizontal boards you see below are where the pocket doors will slide. The one on the left is for the master bath and the one on the right is for the master closet. Pocket doors allow us to maximize space (reducing door swing allowance), and keep things clean.

There will be another pocket door to the toilet in the master bathroom. You can see a bit more of the framing in the photo below.

Framing within the master shower was updated, too. We are going to have one long horizontal shelf in the shower, so the framing was put in place to allow for that detail. It may sound like a minor update, but this is something I REALLY wanted.

Finally, we had some window updates take place. The windows that were previously installed in the east-facing master bedroom and the west-facing guest bedroom were flip flopped. The master bedroom is supposed to have an oversized window, so we had to get those switched. You can see in the photo below that the old window was removed.

The correct window is sitting to the left in the photo below. It was previously installed in the space to the right, but that window is now switched. The smaller window in this room allows for a queen bed to fit nicely on this wall. Symmetry makes my OCD heart happy. :)

Like I said, all minor updates but updates none the less. Keep your fingers crossed for a roof installation next week!

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