Basics // Cotton Sweater


Basics. It's those pieces you pull out of your closet when all else fails. The pair of jeans that are oh so comfy. The sweater that isn't too heavy or too light. The top that goes with everything. It's with those "basic" pieces that I set forth to fill my closet - my Simple Wardrobe. I've actually made several additions and subtractions since I last shared my Simple Wardrobe, so I plan to do an updated post on all of that shortly.

In the meantime, can we just talk about this cotton sweater? Man, this thing is AWESOME. I love everything about it. Fit. Color. Weight. PRICE! (Just $14.50 right now!) I wear it to work nearly every week and it, undoubtedly, makes a weekend appearance at least once a month. It's great for every season, and I would buy it again in an instant. In fact, this is actually my second one.... I originally bought it for my Fall Capsule back in September, and right before heading into my Winter Capsule, I accidentally tore a hole in the front while doing some holiday crafts - whoops! I missed it so much in the winter that I decided I HAD to buy a new one for my Simple Wardrobe.

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