Bathroom Faucet Roundup | Under $200


Bathroom Faucet Roundup | Under $200

Searching for new faucets can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. By the time you filter down to your dimensions, color preferences, and price range, you are left with a whopping three options. All of which could be described as U. G. L. Y. Or maybe that's just my experience...

During our bathroom makeover, I continued to run into ugly faucet after ugly faucet. I knew what I wanted, but my price range was only a fraction of what most of the pretty faucet's cost. The biggest problem was that we wanted to re-use our existing countertop, so we had to find a faucet that fit into the pre-drilled holes.

Our old faucet was a 4-inch centerset, so that meant we either had to replace it with another 4-inch centerset or find a "mini widespread". All of these terms were new to me, but I quickly found out that "mini widespread" faucets are VERY hard to find. A widespread faucet is one that doesn't have a base plate - aka you have three separate pieces (two handles and one spout). The mini part refers to the distance between your holes. In our case, it was 4 inches. Most normal widespread faucets come in 6-8 inches.

I really liked the look of the mini widespread because it felt clean and simple. I knew it may be a bit more difficult to keep clean since there wasn't a lot of space between the knobs and the spout, but I was willing to take that gamble. Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to find a mini widespread at all, let alone one with the modern look I was after.

Lucky for all of you, I searched high and low and was able to find a few centerset and mini widespread options that were both modern in design and under $200. You're welcome! :) We ended up going with the Essen by Premier Faucet. It is the perfect fit and looks fantastic!

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Bathroom Faucet Roundup | Under $200

[1] Amalfi by Danze - $164.95  [2] Essen by Premier Faucet - $114.95  [3] Dia by Symmons - $127.44  [4] Centerset by Cadell - $58.99  [5] Gibson by Moen - $94.00  [6] Millennium by Kingston - $149.95