Capsule Wardrobe // Tyler's December Summary


At the end of each month, I like to showcase a few of my favorite outfits in what I call "capsule summaries". As a fellow blog follower myself, I always find it helpful to see how others assemble outfits and use those ideas to come up with my own combinations. With a total of 37 items in my current capsule, figuring out how to mix things up can be really important. When I mentioned to Tyler that we needed to post a summary of his favorite December outfits from his winter capsule, his immediate reaction was "NO PHOTOS!". haha Great.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of having my picture taken either. Each month, I kind of dread the moment when we step outside and attempt to snap a few decent photos. WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS? Clearly I was not meant to be a model. None the less, I still think it is really valuable to see women's clothes on a body to understand how things fit and flow. For men, clothes seem so.... simple.

After just one month, I'm happy to report that Tyler's still on board with the capsule wardrobe idea and has even mentioned multiple times that he could have done this on much fewer items - "probably 30" was the last estimate I heard. He tends to gravitate toward the same few items, but I think that just proves the whole "capsule" theory makes sense. I also think it's important to recognize the items you like and determine why. Is it the fit? The color? Weight? Style? If you can answer those simple questions, it leads to better buys moving forward and a step closer to simple.

SO. Instead of Tyler modeling each outfit (I know, I know! It's a sad day.), here's a few snapshots of the items he wore the most in December:



Ash Brushed Twill : Taylor Stitch  //  Faded Black Chinos : J.Crew  //  Layered Topcoat (similar) : Banana Republic  //  Neon LunarGrand Wingtip : Cole Haan  //  Black Leather Belt : Everlane  //  Braun X Dieter Rams Watch (similar) : Mr. Porter  //  Gray Scarf (similar) : Banana Republic

This is a pretty standard work day outfit. A classic pair of chinos paired with a super soft twill shirt and a pair of LunarGrand wingtips keep this outfit office appropriate but oh so comfy. If it's a really chilly day, a good topcoat and scarf top it all off.



Navy Brushed Twill : Taylor Stitch  //  Dark Wash 484 : J.Crew  //  Timberland Wodehouse Chukkas : Timberland  //  Wool Socks : REI  //  Braun X Dieter Rams Watch (similar) : Mr. Porter

Another outfit, another twill shirt from Taylor Stitch. To say Tyler is obsessed with this brand would be an understatement. I'm fairly certain he may resort to Taylor Stitch-only shirts in the near future. With a good pair of dark denim and some classic Timberland boots, this outfit is perfect for just about any activity.



Green/Navy Gingham (similar) : J.Crew Factory  //  Gray Vest (similar) : Fossil  //  Dark Wash 484 : J.Crew   //  Timberland Wodehouse Chukkas : Timberland  //  Wool Socks : REI

It seems most guys have yet to discover the ultimate wardrobe essential- the vest! Tyler bought this thing a few years ago, and it's proven to be a quality piece time after time. If you have a lot of errands to run or a sporting event to attend, this is just enough to keep you warm but it's not bulky or in the way. If it's an extra cold day, you can even pair this under a topcoat.



Red Buffalo Check : J.Crew  //  Dark Wash 484 : J.Crew   //  Timberland Wodehouse Chukkas : Timberland  //  Wool Socks : Smartwool  //  Braun X Dieter Rams Watch (similar) : Mr. Porter

Anyone that received a holiday card from us this year has seen the infamous buffalo check shirt. Tyler actually looks great in red and this shirt has proved to be quite versatile. Over the holidays, it was a nice pop of color. He wore it with jeans on the weekend, with chinos to work, and even under a suit for a holiday party.



Elbow Patch Sweater : J.Crew  //  Faded Black Chinos : J.Crew  //  Wallace & Barnes Jacket (similar) : J.Crew  //  Neon LunarGrand Wingtip : Cole Haan  //  Wool Socks : REI  //  Braun X Dieter Rams Watch (similar) : Mr. Porter

Tyler tends to wear a lot of sweaters in the colder months of the year. His skin isn't sensitive to wool like mine, so he's able to wear great textured sweaters like this one. Paired with a dark pair of chinos and some LunarGrand wingtips, this outfit is great for the office.

Tyler and I have both settled into our winter capsules quite well at this point. We know how items wear and what pairs well together. We're even getting into the fun of it where we start putting together all sorts of combinations to create brand new looks. I'm thrilled that Tyler decided to give a capsule wardrobe a try, and I'm happy to report that we're both all-in on the concept and in the process of incorporating it in all areas of our life. Life's much too short for clutter.